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Ariyoshi & Natsume, Yamazato & Aoi… “Two lovey-dovey shots” of newlyweds in the entertainment industry!

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The couple, Yamazato and Aoi, photographed in August of this year. They stopped in front of a vending machine to talk about what they were going to buy. The couple is on good terms.

A night in August this year. On a night in August this year, a couple was seen in an upscale residential area in Minato Ward, Tokyo. Ryota Yamasato (44), a member of the comedy duo Nankai Candies, and actress Yu Aoi (35). I could see Aoi laughing under her mask at a comment Yamachan made.

They must have been enjoying their outing, taking time out of each other’s busy schedules. They took a leisurely hour-long stroll along the shopping street at night in their matching sneakers, and then returned to their apartment together.

“Ms. Yamasato is a very successful actress with 10 regular programs. Ms. Aoi, on the other hand, has been heavily involved in dramas and movies, including a special drama, “I Can’t Say I Had No Choice” (NHK), and her schedule for this year is almost completely black. Immediately after their marriage, they even separated because of their busy schedules.

After that, they took advantage of any free time in their schedule to move each other’s furniture into their new house and started their married life in earnest. Whenever they have a day off, they watch a live performance of their favorite idol “Angstrom” or a Takarazuka stage show on DVD, or go to the movies in secret,” says a director of a key station.

Newlyweds are so close to each other that it makes you smile to watch them. Celebrities are the same. I’d like to introduce two lovey-dovey shots of famous mandarin duck couples that make me smile.

Avoiding an “international problem” by playing together

Natsume follows a little behind Ariyoshi. As you can see, it was an open and really relaxed “newlywed walk. Taken in May of this year.

It was a magnificent shot of the two.

In May of this year, I came across the newlywed couple of Hiroyuki Ariyoshi (47) and Mitsuhisa Natsume (37), who had an “April Fool’s Day surprise wedding” in Daikanyama, Tokyo. The groom was holding the leash of Natsume’s dog, a toy poodle.

“The groom was holding the leash of Natsume’s dog, a toy poodle. When the dog peed on the wall of the building, the two of them squatted down and Natsume quickly took out a plastic bottle from her bag and poured water on the wall.

Incidentally, the dog peed on the building of the Danish Embassy. By the way, the dog peed on the building of the Danish Embassy. The couple was in perfect harmony as they played together to prevent an “international problem” from happening.

White Day “Shin-Eva” Date

Mr. and Mrs. Matsuzaka and Mr. and Mrs. Toda came to see the movie. Photo taken in March this year.

I didn’t know they were really married. In March of this year, the couple strolled past the impressed reporter on their way to the bus route. Only when they passed a popular restaurant with a long line of people waiting to get in, did they quickly move away from each other, and then they walked shoulder to shoulder again. They are actors Tori Matsuzaka (32) and Erika Toda (33).

With their brilliant coordination and strict disguise, no one around them noticed this super-beautiful couple. They were headed to a cinema complex. The wife gently hugged him on the back while the husband issued tickets at the ticket machine. The husband was responsible for buying the popcorn and drinks.

Toda, who has an image of being self-assured, was impressive as she followed Matsuzaka’s lead. Incidentally, they were watching “Shin Evangelion” that day. As they walked to the entrance of the theater, their wedding rings were shining on their ring fingers.

A diva in love with ……

Hanahara and the man she is married to on their way to a convenience store. On the way home, she holds her crying son in her arms, showing a glimpse of her motherly kindness. Taken in July of this year.

Tomomi Ohara (46), the diva in love, got married on August 17, her birthday. The marriage took place on August 17, the day of her birthday, with her partner, A, the president of an event company and her personal manager, as reported in the July 16 issue of this magazine.

“He is the president of an event company that runs dinner shows, and he is a stocky, athletic man in his 40s. They met about two and a half years ago. It was Mr. A who was in charge of the last event before Ms. Hanahara gave birth.

They hadn’t been involved for a while, but after Ms. Hanahara left her agency last August, they became involved again through work. Around March of this year, he also became her personal manager, and it is said that they had already become lovers by that time.

In fact, when this magazine spotted them together in July, they appeared to be on good terms. On that day, the three of them, together with her two-year-old son, held hands and enjoyed shopping at a convenience store. The child seems to have grown quite fond of Ms. A, and they are always holding hands on the way to and from the store, making them look like a real family. The three of them went straight back to Hua-Hara’s apartment.

Happy pictures of a celebrity couple, smiling newlyweds. I wish them many years of happiness!

Gacky and Hoshino Gen announcing their marriage at the Elandsor Awards ceremony in February 2005 (Image: Jiji Press)
NHK announcer Maho Kuwako and Seietsu Ozawa’s home was a five-minute car ride away. It is a usual pattern that Ozawa takes her home after their date. Taken in January of this year.
Mayuko Kawakita and Mr. M, the man she would later marry, on their way to a Japanese restaurant where their model friends were waiting for them in April 2008. In her hand was a large Gucci paper bag.
Mori drives the couple on their date. Baba throws her legs out and looks relaxed. photo taken in July 2007
Fuji TV announcer Moemi Hisashiro and popular YouTube star Harukun. They each stare at their smartphone screens as if they are looking for a place to have lunch.
Momoko Ueda and a married man. The two hold hands in Ueda’s pocket. Photo taken in October 2007.
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