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Russian Empress Looked Back on her Criticisms to Valieva

A disappointed 15-year-old pledges her allegiance to her coach.

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Mr. Tutoberese showed no mercy to a disappointed Waliwa (right) (Image: Jiji Press)

People who were smiling at me yesterday, blatantly ignored me today. It was as if a jackal had attacked him. With all sorts of torture methods in mind.

On February 20, the day the Beijing Winter Olympics came to a close, Eteri Tutoberise, 47, who coaches female figure skaters for the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC), updated his Instagram. He sarcastically reflected on the criticism against Kamila Walieva (15) and himself, who are suspected of doping.

Mr. Tutoberise’s words and actions were taken on the last day of the women’s singles competition on February 17. Instead of consoling her, he greeted her with the following words: “You gave up the fight.

Instead of consoling her, he greeted her with the following words: “You gave up the fight. Why did you give up? Why didn’t you fly to the end? Explain yourself to me.

During the “kiss and cry” session, waiting for the scores to be announced, Toubelise continued to speak harshly to Waliwa, who sat beside him. As if she couldn’t take it anymore, she covered her face with her hands and broke down in tears.

Thank you, Coach!

In the aforementioned Instagram, Mr. Tutobelize wrote about Wallieva, without mentioning his own words or actions.

In the aforementioned Instagram, Toutobelize wrote about Wallieva, without mentioning her own words or actions: “She is a gold medalist in the team competition and our star hope. She is a fragile and at the same time very strong skater. The trials she is going through, we have to overcome together as a team.

On the 21st, after returning to Russia, Waliyeva also updated her Instagram page. The most important thing in an athlete’s life is to be able to play the game.

I would like to thank my coach for guiding me through the most important event in my life as an athlete.

She once again expressed her loyalty to Mr. Tutoberidze. He added the hashtag “Thank you” in Russian, English, Japanese and Chinese.

The drug scandal, ironically, has exploded Waliyeva’s global profile. Her Instagram followers, which used to be about 220,000, have more than quintupled to 1.13 million after the Beijing Olympics, and her comment on the 21st received nearly half a million likes.

In addition to being bashed by the world for her drug scandal, she was reprimanded by her coach for failing to produce results. …… It’s a great way to get to know the people you’re working with.

When Russia won the team gold medal at the Sochi Olympics in 2002, Tutoberidze was called to the Kremlin palace, not Yulia Lipnitskaya, who had performed brilliantly. That’s how highly he is regarded for his leadership. In the background is President Putin, who personally handed over the medal and was photographed with her. In other words, if you want to continue competing in Russia, the best choice is to study under Mr. Tutoberidze.

Mr. Tutoberise is known for his spartan coaching. He calls the practice field his “factory” and the players his “materials,” and he thoroughly controls their personal lives. He even knows how to apply make-up, how to walk, how to talk, and how to weigh 100 grams. The players are required to train 12 hours a day, and if they don’t perform the way he wants them to, he says, “Do you like to fail? Pack your bags and go home! And if they don’t perform the way he wants them to, he scolds them with a loud voice.

Alina Zagitova (gold medalist at the PyeongChang Olympics in 2006) and Evgenia Medvedeva (silver medalist at the PyeongChang Olympics) came back to Ms. Tutoberidze after being excommunicated. This is because without her guidance, they would not be able to play an active role in the Russian national team. The same goes for Waliyeva, who wants to continue her career.

Will the “Empress of Russia” continue to surprise the world?

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