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Unforeseen Mutualities Among Artist Who can Return to TV From Scandals

The Staff Saw It! Behind the Scenes of Weekly TV

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On February 5, Ken Watabe (49) of Anjash, who had been refraining from his activities after being reported for having an affair in a multi-purpose restroom in June 2008, announced that he would resume his activities.

In a direct interview with this magazine in March last year, Ito said that he had withdrawn from the commercials he had signed with 14 companies and the dramas he had been scheduled to appear in. He has been living under house arrest away from Tokyo.

I was planning to make a comeback in the New Year’s Eve special of “Downtown,” but it was leaked to the media beforehand, and the plan was dropped. They held an apology press conference in December 2008, but it caused a huge firestorm, and they ended up refraining from performing for a year and eight months. Although he announced that he would resume his activities, I heard that nothing has been decided yet except for a regular program on Chiba TV.

In recent days, there has been a series of comebacks by celebrities who have been involved in scandals, including Watabe. The actor Kentaro Ito (24), who was arrested in 2008 for violating the Automobile Driving Punishment Law (negligent driving manslaughter) and the Road Traffic Law (hit-and-run), launched a fan club in June last year. Keisuke Koide (37), who was arrested in 2005 for drinking and having sex with a high school girl as reported by FRIDAY, made his return to drama last summer with ABEMA.

He has been inundated with offers to appear in the show, and is also starring in a play that will be staged from February 18. Ito was also criticized for his ‘bad attitude in the interview he gave on his comeback,’ but both of them have good acting skills and are well known. However, both of them have strong acting skills and are well known. In addition, their agencies are supporting them both publicly and privately. They are willing to take on even small jobs because they are in the “misogi” stage. As a result, the number of offers is increasing,” says the director of a production company.

On the other hand, there are many talents who have not been able to make a successful comeback.

Actor Yusuke Yamamoto (34), who was fired by his agency in March 2005 for his bad behavior, including problems with women, has tried to make a fresh start by becoming a DJ. However, he is still reported to have visited a pachinko parlor under a declared state of emergency in 2008, and a new female problem has been discovered. Many of the staff members frowned at him, saying, “I don’t see any sign of remorse. To be honest, I’m too scared to use him on TV,” said a producer of a key station.

There are many celebrities who have been caught up in the scandals of their acquaintances, although they did not cause any trouble themselves.

Yuki Poyo, Yuki Kimura (25), saw her work drop drastically last year after Shukan Bunshun reported that a man she knew had been arrested for using cocaine in her home. Female variety celebrities are very replaceable. So, there is no reason to bother using her with a scar on her shin. Her best friend Erika Sawajiri (35) and Nana Katase (40), whose boyfriends were arrested one after the other, are also unlikely to make a comeback.

Yui Imaizumi (23) announced last January that she was engaged and pregnant to popular YouTube star Watanabe Mahoto (29). She too has suffered from her partner’s mismanagement.

She became a single mother after it was discovered that Watanabe had been asking high school girls to send him indecent photos. She also left the office and is now freelance, working mainly on stage. In January of this year, she was the MC for an event for Raphael, a YouTube star who has caused problems many times in the past, and fans from her idol days are worried.

In addition to being talented, being blessed with a good environment is a common denominator for those who live long in the entertainment industry.

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