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Best Selection of Japan and US! Metaverse-Related Stocks That You Should Be Buying Now!

Metaverse stocks may have plummeted in the U.S., but there's no doubt about their future potential! From solid IT giants to unexpected companies like Ralph Lauren and Nike, don't miss out on the global trend!

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An image of the virtual reality service announced by GREE last August. The company is attracting attention both at home and abroad as a pioneer in Japan’s metaverse business.

A new opportunity has arrived.

The “metaverse” is now attracting attention from around the world. The greatest feature of this next-generation virtual space service is its high degree of freedom. Users can communicate with each other, and in the future, they will be able to have the same experience as in the real world in various genres such as economic activities, live music performances, and sports games.

Ken’ichi Hirano, president of K-Asset, which specializes in investment, said, “Now is the best time to stock up.

He said, “Due to the tightening of monetary policy in the U.S. and the situation in Ukraine, the Nikkei Stock Average as well as stocks related to the metaverse continued to adjust, and at one point dropped to the 26,000 level. However, even if the adjustment continues, the Nikkei Stock Average will continue to fall. However, even if the adjustment continued, it would only last until around May, when the announcement of corporate earnings would be concentrated. After that, the Nikkei Stock Average is expected to rise to 30,000 yen again. Since stocks related to the metaverse are promising “material stocks” to invest in, I think they will be in an uptrend for the next three to four years. This year is the perfect time to stock up on them because you can buy when the market is weak.

In October last year, Facebook changed its name to Meta Platforms and announced that it would invest $10 billion a year for the next 10 years. The year 2010 is the very first year of the Metaverse. The year 2010 will be the “First Year of the Metaverse,” but how will the TSE benefit from it? Genichiro Amami, a stock journalist, predicts which stocks will grow.

Genichiro Amami, a stock journalist, predicts the following stocks will grow: “The game industry has a high affinity with the metaverse. Among them, GREE is the one to watch. The company is developing the virtual live-streaming application “REALITY” around the world. GREE is developing the virtual live streaming application “REALITY” worldwide, and is expected to invest 10 billion yen in the metaverse-related business in the next two to three years. It has the potential to grow significantly as a platform operator, not just a game creator.

In November 2011, when GREE’s social games became popular during the Galaga era, the company hit a record high of 2,840 yen since its listing. The situation is similar to then, but now the price is still below 1,000 yen, so it is a good target.

The Sony Group, which owns PlayStation, Capcom, and Nintendo are also expected to see significant growth. The video industry is also attracting attention. Mr. Hirano explains.

IMAGICA GROUP” is recommended. At the Tokyo Girls Collection last September, they used high-definition live-viewing technology to project avatars onto the real world, creating a next-generation fashion show where the avatars walked the runway at the same time as the models.

Even among companies that are not listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, there are many noteworthy stocks that have the potential to make a big splash. Mr. Masanori Konuma, President of Kizuna Asset Management Co.

In December last year, ANAP, an apparel brand for young people, attracted attention by announcing that it would create a platform for the Metaverse, the first casual brand in Japan to do so. Other notable companies include CRI Middleware, which provides virtual avatar creation support tools to game companies, and ZIKU, a subsidiary that provides virtual event services. Shanon, which has a subsidiary that provides the virtual event service “ZIKU,” has also lost almost half of its value due to the general collapse of the stock market, but its performance is good. However, its business performance is good, and its price is almost certain to rise in the future.

There are other promising related stocks.

There are other promising stocks related to blockchain. “GMO Internet,” which provides settlement agency services, should be checked out. In December 2009, the company launched a transaction service using NFT (non-substitutable token), which uses blockchain to manage the ownership of digital content so that it cannot be duplicated. In December 2009, we launched a trading service using NFT (non-substitutable token), which is managed by blockchain and cannot be duplicated. Since cryptographic assets are expected to be used as currency in the virtual world, there is a great business opportunity for the company,” said Mr. Amami.

Among Japanese electronics manufacturers, Panasonic is at the forefront of the metaverse. Panasonic is a leader among Japanese electronics companies in the metaverse, and has strengths in VR glasses that specialize in weight reduction.

What to look for in U.S. stocks?

Stocks with upside potential are not limited to Japan. In the United States, the home of the metaverse, people are investing in a wide variety of stocks. Ayumi Goto, editor in charge of Europe and the U.S. at Asia Research, explains.

The most notable stock is Meta Platforms. In recent years, the company has been active in developing devices for accessing virtual spaces, such as the Oculus Quest VR goggles.

The advantage of buying U.S. stocks is their ease of use. In Japan, the minimum purchase unit for stocks is set at 100 shares, which tends to make the initial investment expensive, but in the U.S., you can buy as little as one share. Takahiro Suzuki, president of Hyakunen Consulting, a management strategy consultant, recommends stocks of major IT companies that are performing well.

The first one is Microsoft, which announced on January 21 that it will acquire the major video game company Activision Blizzard for about 8 trillion yen. It will play a central role in the development of the metaverse. Alphabet (Google) also owns Niantic, the company that developed Pokémon Go. Alphabet (Google) also owns Niantic, which developed Pokémon Go, and excels in augmented reality (AR) technology. Alphabet (Google) also owns Niantic, which developed Pokémon Go, and excels in AR (Augmented Reality) technology. IT giants with advanced technology and huge financial power are a no-brainer.

Semiconductor-related stocks are also worth keeping an eye on. Shigeki Unozawa, a securities analyst, analyzes these stocks.

I recommend NVIDIA Corporation. In addition to its track record as a semiconductor manufacturer, the company offers a service called Omniverse, an open space for companies to perform a variety of tasks in a virtual space. In addition to its semiconductor business, the company has created a platform itself, and its multifaceted approach is highly regarded.

A number of world-famous fashion brands have announced their participation in Metaverse, and are gaining popularity.

Nike is one of them. Last December, Nike made headlines when it acquired RTFKT, a company that produces virtual sneaker goods. Last year, Ralph Lauren also started selling digital costumes for avatars. If we can increase the number of real customers through such activities, we can expect a significant contribution to our profits.

The entertainment industry is also seeing commercial opportunities in the Metaverse. The entertainment industry also sees a business opportunity in the metaverse,” says Unozawa.

The entertainment industry also sees a business opportunity in the Metaverse,” says Unozawa, “Walt Disney has the world’s largest intellectual property (IP) portfolio, and is expected to make a full-scale entry. We may soon be able to enjoy Disneyland attractions in a virtual space.

Mr. Goto also has his eye on the entertainment industry.

On January 27, Warner Music Group, which has major artists such as Ed Sheeran (30) and Dua Lipa (26), announced a partnership with The Sandbox, one of the meta platforms. On January 27, Warner Music Group announced a partnership with The Sandbox, one of the meta-platforms, to provide virtual live performances and new music activities. There is a sense of anticipation throughout the music industry for new sources of revenue.

Metaverse-related stocks are expected to grow significantly this year. Don’t miss the opportunity.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who changed the company name last October and announced a major investment, has been investing for 10 years without regard to sales.
In recent years, Microsoft has been aggressively acquiring game-related companies. The company’s financial strength is driving the development of the metaverse.
A number of famous brands have also entered the market to promote their products. Apart from Ralph Lauren, Gap has also attracted attention.
Nike is also planning to use it to host events. The day when you can play with famous players in the Metaverse is coming soon!

From “FRIDAY” February 25, 2022 issue

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