Satomi Ishihara & Yu Aoi Welcomes New Baby– Future of the “Mama Tare Competition” at Stake | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Satomi Ishihara & Yu Aoi Welcomes New Baby– Future of the “Mama Tare Competition” at Stake

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Ishihara smiles at the staff and fans on the sidewalk as he gets into his car. Ishihara’s good-natured nature is probably the reason for his popularity.

The entertainment industry is in a celebratory mood. This year, actresses such as Satomi Ishihara (35) and Yu Aoi (36) have announced their pregnancies one after another.

Ishihara, who announced last January that she had registered her marriage to a regular man, has a mysterious connection that spans three generations. Her grandmother gave birth to her mother when she was 35, and her mother gave birth to her first son when she was also 35. Today, Ms. Ishihara is also 35 years old. She has been telling everyone around her that she wants to have a child, so I’m sure she’s very happy.

It was a long process for Aoi to get pregnant.

At the time of her marriage in June 2007, her partner Ryota Yamasato, 44, of Nankai Candies, was a very successful actor with 10 regular TV programs. Mr. Aoi, too, was heavily involved in dramas and movies, including a special drama, “Shakatta itadakatta” (NHK). Their schedulesat that timewere almost completely black. Immediately after their marriage, they even separated because of their busy schedules.

The turning point came in November last year. It was November of last year when Ms. Aoi became the president of an entertainment production company called “taft. Under her real name, Yu Yamasato, she will be involved in editing photo books and books, and in activities to revitalize the film industry. Thinking about it, Ms. Aoi has been saving her work as an actress since around this time. I think her appointment as president is one of the reasons for this, but she may have been conscious of wanting to take care of her personal life.

What’s on the minds of the “mamatares” ……

Yamachan and Aoi return to their home after shopping. Photo taken in January this year.

The entertainment industry is excited about celebrations. On the other hand, there are some celebrities who may not be able to rejoice honestly.

In a delicate position are mothers such as Yuko Ogura (38), Yukina Kinoshita (34), and Yoko Kumada (39). Personally, I would have given my blessings to Ms. Ishihara and Ms. Aoi. But it’s complicated when you consider their position as mothers.

Ogura, Kinoshita, and Kumada are all currently in trouble.

Ogura remarried a dentist in December 2006, but her husband left her in December 2007 and they are said to have been separated for two years. In a variety show broadcast last November, “100%! Api~l-chan” (TBS), which aired in November last year, she expressed her painful feelings in this way.

I’m not saying that I’m desperate, but after taking a break from work to have a baby, I feel like I can’t go back to being an entertainer…. I wondered what I would do with three children on my own.

In November of 2007, Kinoshita got into trouble with the tapioca drink store where her sister worked, and sent a threatening message to the manager. It’s a good idea to have a good idea of what you’re doing. Kumada and her husband, a company owner who suffered domestic violence, developed into a bogus lawsuit. The man was convicted in December last year.

It’s a pity that in some cases the celebrity is the victim, but there is no doubt that Kumada’s impression as a mommy-to-be has deteriorated. I think it will take a long time for her image to recover.

The two actresses who announced their pregnancies this time are Ishihara and Aoi, two great actresses who are very well liked. There is a high possibility that they will become mothers and further expand their activities. Once they settle down to raise their children, they are sure to be even busier than they are now, appearing in TV programs and commercials.

Ishihara and Aoi are likely to get even more exposure.

Satomi Ishihara and Tsuyoshi Ayano co-starring in the drama “Love is Deep”, taken in March 2009.
After the first Japanese restaurant, Yama-chan’s group headed to a yakitori restaurant. Yu Aoi kept looking at Yamachan with a smile on her face.
Ishihara has won numerous awards, including the Japan Academy Prize for Best New Actress. She has appeared in more than 50 dramas.
In one scene, she stops in front of a vending machine to talk about what she is going to buy.
Ogura holds her second son and Mr. A carries her first son on his shoulders. They were all smiles in the 18 years before their marriage. ……
Yukina responded to our direct questioning with a smile, showing her natural spirit of service. She posed for a photo taken in October 2009.
Kumada holding her cut hair. She is donating her hair to children through hair donation.
  • Photo by Yuri Adachi, Yusuke Kondo, Keisuke Nishi, Shinya Nishizaki, Ippei Hara, Saki Hotta

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