Release of Zagitova’s “Too Miraculous Old and New Queen Shots” Hypes the Fan | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Release of Zagitova’s “Too Miraculous Old and New Queen Shots” Hypes the Fan

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Zagitova and Scherbakova!

The “too miraculous old and new queen shot” of Russia’s Alina Zagitova, who won the gold medal in women’s figure skating at the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics, and Anna Scherbakova, the gold medalist at the Beijing Games, is getting a lot of attention for being too beautiful. Scherbakova uploaded the photo to her Instagram account, and comments such as “too strong,” “love,” and “amazing” poured in.

Scherbakova is 17 years old, born in Moscow in 2007. She began figure skating at the age of three under the influence of her older sister and won the junior Russian Novice Championships in 2016; she made her senior debut in 2019 and won the World Championships in Stockholm in 2021.

Scherbakova’s weapons are quadruple and stability. Together with Alexandra Trusova, who jumps several kinds of revolutions, and Alyona Kostornaya, who boasts high expressiveness and a triple axel, she is called the “Three Girls of Genius. However, the most promising candidate for the gold medal at the Beijing Games was Kamila Walieva, known as “Despair,” who had the best of all three.

However, Walieva was in trouble over doping at the Beijing Olympics, and finished fourth in the women’s singles. Instead, it was Scherbakova who became the queen.

Incidentally, Zagitova, who is pictured with me in the controversial photo, participated in the Beijing Games as a reporter. Zagitova, who is currently inactive as an athlete, had been appearing in ice shows and such, but she also appeared as a member of the media crew at the “Figure Skating Russian Championships,” and came to the Beijing Olympics as a reporter.

Moreover, there is another queen in this miraculous shot of the old and new queens. Margarita Mamun, who won the gold medal in rhythmic gymnastics at the Rio Olympics. The fans were surprised to see three champions in one photo! The fans shouted in surprise.

Well done, all three of you!

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