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Love Interest Revealed-‘Commuter Love’ Stars Watanabe and Kaho, Caught on Intimate Date

Hot Love Scoop! In the popular drama "Muchaburi! The "♡♡♡♡ love affair" began when they appeared in a movie together.

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Sometimes we go out on a driving date: ……

We left the second restaurant and went to Natsuho’s house. On the way, they ran into an acquaintance of Watanabe’s and introduced him to Natsuho. Natsuho also smiled and returned the baton.

It was 9:30 in the evening in mid-February when the weather was still cold. A woman comes out of a Chinese restaurant in Tokyo with a red face. The dark-haired beauty with large eyes visible through her mask is actress Kaho (30). She was in a good mood and smiling, as if she was having a great time. As she gazes into the distance, she sees a man.

Normally Kaho prefers to wear monochrome clothes, but on this day she was wearing a bright blue skirt. After leaving the Chinese restaurant, they started walking together. The tall man asked, “Are you drunk? Are you okay?” The tall man looked into Natsuho’s face as if to ask, “Are you drunk? On the way, they stopped at a coin-operated parking lot, and the man slowly took off his mask and started smoking a cigarette. A closer look at the man’s face revealed that he was Daichi Watanabe (31), the singer and actor of the popular band “Black Cat Chelsea.

Black Cat Chelsea is a rock band formed by four members from Kobe, Japan. The band’s overwhelming live performance drew attention and gained popularity in the subculture. In the midst of all this, Watanabe won the Japan Academy Prize for Best New Actor in 2010 for his performance in the movie “Irozoku Zenereishon. He is also a hot actor whose popularity is on the rise, as he is scheduled to appear in this spring’s NHK morning drama “Chimu Danshoku” as a young man in love with the main character’s sister.

They chatted and laughed, saying, “Shall we go to another restaurant? After Watanabe finished his cigarette, they headed to the next restaurant.

Watanabe and Kaho got to know each other when they played a married couple in the movie “Blue Hour ni Bukkuri” released in 2007. Since then, they have been dating as friends, but since last fall, they have been rapidly approaching each other. It seems that they developed into a serious relationship. It seems that they often go on commonplace dates, such as going to public pubs without private rooms, or buying whatever they want at convenience stores and spending time at home. Even though she is an actress, Watanabe must have been attracted to the unpretentious Natsuho,” says an acquaintance of Watanabe.

Currently, Natsuho is the subject of “Muchaburi! (Nippon Television Network Corporation) as the best friend of the main character played by Mitsuki Takahata. (Nippon Television Network Corporation), where she plays the best friend of the main character played by Mitsuki Takahata.

After leaving the second restaurant, they walked along a deserted back street for a while and went to Natsuho’s apartment. They enjoyed a sleepover date.

The next day, they left Natsuho’s house at noon, and took a cab to Watanabe’s house. After spending the night, they went to the other’s house to have fun. An hour later, Watanabe and Natsuho reappeared after changing their clothes. They got into Watanabe’s car and he drove off into the city in the early afternoon, looking somewhat excited. While I was wondering if they were going shopping somewhere, they drove to the highway interchange.

Under a clear, sunny sky, the car with the two of us in it drove westward on the Tomei Expressway, and an hour later, we were driving along the coast of Odawara, looking very happy. Inside the car, Watanabe seemed to be talking to Natsuho in the passenger seat, explaining things like “That place is ……”. He seemed to be enjoying talking to her as he drove, and she relaxed in her seat. While the car was stopped, Watanabe took off her down jacket and put her face close to Natsuho’s chest, “Mmm~! They were making out to the fullest.

In the movie, they play a manly wife and a quiet husband, but in real life, they are a couple of good friends, with Watanabe taking the lead in some scenes. Kaho is the type of person who cherishes the time she spends with her lover. She seems to want to make time to see her boyfriend every day.

After enjoying the view of Odawara from the oceanfront road and the observatory, the two headed back toward the city center. This drive must have been a special memory for the two, who often have dates at home with this Corona disaster. The next day, they enjoyed another date at Natsuho’s house.

When I confirmed the fact of their relationship with their agency, neither of them denied it, saying, “We leave the private matters to them. It may not be long before they become husband and wife, just like in the movie that led to their encounter.

On another day, they had dinner at a chain restaurant after work. After a quick dinner, they went to Watanabe’s house.
We left Watanabe’s house and headed for the parking lot where his car was. Both of them were dressed in black and blue with a shimmering look.
Watanabe’s car is a model that was released in the ’80s. It is a vintage car that is still sold at a high price among enthusiasts.
This is the first time I’ve ever seen a photo of the singer of the popular band “Black Cat Chelsea” and her love for each other!
This is the unpublished cut of a photo shoot with the vocalist of the popular band “Black Cat Chelsea”.
This is the unpublished cut of Kaho’s love story with the vocalist of the popular band “Black Cat Chelsea”!

From the March 11, 2022 issue of FRIDAY

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