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4 Children Died Suspiciously — The Prime Suspect is their Mom!

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The apartment in Yamato City where the suspect Ueda lives, the scene of the crime.

All four of the children died suspiciously.

In November 2002, the oldest son died at the age of five months.

In September 2003, the eldest daughter died at the age of one month.

In April 2005, the third son died at the age of one year and five months.

The second son died at the age of seven in August 2007.

On February 20, the Kanagawa Prefectural Police arrested Ayano Ueda (42), a self-proclaimed nursing assistant living in Yamato City, for suffocating her second son, Yudai. The suspect called 119 in August 2007, saying that her son was limping. Yudai was found in cardiopulmonary arrest on a futon in his apartment, and was immediately taken to the hospital, where he was confirmed dead about two hours later.

At the time, Ueda explained to the hospital, “My son suddenly started suffering. “My son suddenly started suffering. He had a chronic asthma problem.

However, when we examined Yuudai’s body, we found multiple traces of pressure from the outside. The skin inside his mouth was peeled off, and subcutaneous bleeding was found on the back of his head.

The police became suspicious of the many inconsistencies with the suspect’s explanation. They interviewed the doctor who responded to the case and others. The police decided that there was a high possibility that the victim had been murdered rather than died of illness, and decided to arrest him. The suspect denied that he had done anything, saying, ‘I didn’t do anything,'” said a reporter for a national newspaper.

The family court’s decision is available at ……

Police vehicle carrying suspect Ueda.

The city government and the Child Guidance Center (hereinafter referred to as “the child guidance center”) did not fail to notice anything unusual. As the eldest son and daughter had died one after another, the city and the child guidance center began to support the suspect, believing that he might be abandoning the child. However, trouble arose in October 2012.

In October 2012, however, trouble arose: “The suspect called 119, saying that Yudai, who was five months old at the time, had stopped breathing. Suspicious, the Children’s Minister took Yudai into custody the following November and placed him in an institution until March 2003. However, in April 2005, his third son died in a suspicious manner, and so they took him into temporary custody again. Judging that he should not be returned to his home, he took the procedure of placing him in an institution.

The suspect, Ueda, was fiercely opposed to this action. He refused to agree to Yudai’s placement. The children’s minister had no choice but to file a petition with the Yokohama Family Court, but the court rejected the petition, saying, ‘There is no clear case for the death of a brother. Yudai was returned to the suspect in November 2006, and the incident occurred nine months later. ……

While in the care of the children’s ministry, Yudai reportedly told the staff, “My mother threw me away. While in the care of the child welfare center, Yudai told staff, “My mother threw me to the ground and my mouth bled once. He is very scary when he gets angry.

The suspect’s apartment was apparently occupied by a man with whom he had a common-law relationship. Several neighbors overheard a heated exchange between the suspects and what appeared to be the children’s minister and city officials. The suspect, Ueda, said, ‘I will never give you my son! Don’t come back! I don’t care if it’s a crime,” Ueda was said to be ranting loudly. I heard that the pushing and shoving went on for two to three hours depending on the day.

According to the prefectural government and the city of Yamato, it is highly likely that the suspect killed Yudai by blocking his nose and mouth. At the same time, Ueda was diagnosed as having Munchausen’s syndrome by proxy. Munchausen’s syndrome by proxy is a condition in which a person feigns illness in order to attract the attention of those around them, or attempts to harm their children or other relatives.

The four deceased children were all said to have been alone with Ueda in their rooms before being taken to the hospital. The police are carefully investigating whether Ueda was also involved in the suspicious deaths of three other children, including Yudai.

The room where the suspect lived at the crime scene.
The room where the suspect lived at the crime scene.
  • Photo by Shinji Hasuo

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