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Rolls-Royce is not the only luxury car that has protected Beat Takeshi

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Beat Takeshi gets into a “Mercedes Maybach” after a launch one day. The sturdy car is another sign of “Tono.

Beat Takeshi was attacked by assailants with a pickaxe as he was waiting at a traffic light to leave the station in a pickup car after a live broadcast of “New Information 7days Newscaster” (TBS). He was sitting in the back seat of the car and was alone with his driver. I’m glad he’s okay.

I was waiting at the traffic light for the second car from the front to come out of the TBS premises onto the main road. After the live broadcast, it might have been a good chance for him to ask for an apprenticeship. However, his action was too hasty.

“The week after the incident, Takeshi spoke vividly about the horror of the attack on the same program, though he refused to say much about it. The suspect had also tried to contact him around June. It seems he was a skinhead at that time.

When the glass was broken by the pickaxe, he revealed that he injured his ear with flying debris. With the driver’s quick thinking, he quickly dodged the car in front of him and ran to the nearby police station. Even Takeshi said that he thought he was going to be killed or die in the real “Outrage” experience, and it is likely that he will be traumatized for a while.

What protected Takeshi from the “pickaxe man” was a Rolls Royce Phantom, Britain’s most luxurious limousine, which boasts a strong body.

As a favorite of dignitaries and aristocrats, it goes without saying that the back seat is more comfortable than the driver’s seat. It is easy to get in and out of the car, and the doors open in a different way than normal doors, making it difficult to be targeted from behind.

The price of a new car is nearly 60 million yen, enough to buy a house in Tokyo. That’s the Kitano of the world. It has a displacement of 6700 cc and 460 horsepower, which is a high specification for the price. The large displacement also means that it has a huge fuel consumption of about 3km/liter, which is not eco-friendly in this age of hybrids and EVs.

The maintenance cost is not half bad, and the annual automobile tax is 111,000 yen. The annual car tax is 111,000 yen, which is about 20,000 to 30,000 yen for a domestic family car class, so you can see how expensive it is. It is said to cost about 1.5 million yen per year including insurance and other expenses.

“Takeshi is known to be a car enthusiast, but I have rarely seen him behind the wheel of a car in his private life,” said a photographer for a weekly magazine.

His car collection, which also served as a way to save taxes, was full of famous supercars such as Porsche, Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Buccatti. It seems that he liked to buy them, customize them with paint and emblems to his liking, and then let the members of his army drive them and look at them.

“Naturally, he drove to work in a chauffeur-driven car, and more than 10 years ago, he even drove to work in a so-called ‘V-Benz,’ a Mercedes Benz one-box car. When he was young, Takeshi-san told a story about how he bought a 20-year-old used Rolls Royce for 3.5 million yen. I guess that’s how much he admired Rolls Royce.

Once, Takeshi returned to his car after work.

“Once, when Takeshi returned to his car after work, he said, “The Rolls Royce emblem (the flapping goddess) has been stolen.

The emblem was stolen. Since then, to prevent theft, the emblem has been equipped with a system that instantly retracts into the front grille when touched. It is well known that he was unaware of this and made a fuss about his car being stolen.

“In ’18, Takeshi left Office Kitano, and around that time, he switched to a Mercedes Maybach, which is a little cheaper than the Phantom. Nevertheless, the Maybach is a more luxurious version of the Benz, and is generally priced between 20 and 30 million yen. However, the car’s height is lower than the Phantom’s, and it seemed a little difficult for Takeshi to bend down when getting in and out of the car.

This may be the reason why, after a while, he switched back to the Phantom and has been driving it ever since. Around ’20, he once used a Mercedes-Benz SUV as his transportation vehicle, but it was the Phantom that protected Takeshi from the attackers. The reason why he continued to drive such a “robust car” may have been to show his status, but it was also to protect himself from the dangers and troubles that come with being popular.

This case proves that the reason why popular people drive luxury cars is not only to look good. At the same time, I can only hope that this kind of incident will never happen again… Incidentally, the Phantom was also owned by Ken Shimura. It is a car that is loved by the “tens” who have risen to the top in the entertainment industry.

  • PHOTO Kojiro Yamada

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