Fans rejoice at Erika Toda’s “agonized expression with bandages wrapped around her face……”! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Fans rejoice at Erika Toda’s “agonized expression with bandages wrapped around her face……”!

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Erika Toda during her appearance at the Japan Jewelry Best Dresser Awards (AFLO)

A photo of actress Erika Toda with a bandage wrapped around her face has become a big topic of conversation. She is currently starring in the drama “Hakozume: Tatakau! The photo was released on the official Instagram account of the drama in which she is starring.

However, this was due to the direction of the drama, and it does not mean that Toda was really injured. Of course, the fans who watched the drama were aware of this and commented, “It’s too amazing that her acting skills come out even in the photos,” “Her exquisite face is perfect for a plain pain,” and “Her acting is too good! There were 52,000 likes! The film received 52,000 likes!

“Hakozume: Tatakau! Police Box Girl” was the hot topic of the season, airing every Wednesday night at 10 p.m. on Nippon Television Network. It is based on the manga series “Hakozume: Police Box Girl Strikes Back” (Yasuko), which is serialized in the manga magazine “Morning”. In the drama version, Toda plays the role of Seiko Fuji, a former ace detective with a problem, and Nagano plays the role of Mayori Kawai, a chick police officer.

The two, in a senior-junior relationship, pair up to solve difficult cases. The interesting thing about this drama is that it is “strangely realistic. It is a comical depiction of the human side of female police officers, which is not found in gory cop dramas.

The photo that became the topic of conversation this time is believed to be related to the scene in episode 8 where Fuji, played by Toda, is injured. She was injured when she intervened in a fight between a couple.

However, Toda’s expression of anguish shows no hint that this is an act. Dressed in a suit, Toda has an adhesive bandage on her cheek and her wrist is wrapped in a bandage. There were four photos that were released. All of the photos are of the same composition, but as you flip through the photos, Toda’s expression becomes more and more painful. It’s an interesting post with a lot of ingenuity!

The last episode of HAKOZUME aired the other day with an average household rating of 12.6% (Kanto area, according to Video Research), a record high for the show, and a successful conclusion. Expectations are already high for the sequel. I can’t wait to see the cool Toda in his police uniform again. ……!

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