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Winter Record Breaking for Miho Takagi after Winning 4 Gold Medal

Caring for her sister who crashed just before the finish line: ......

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Takagi won a total of four medals at this year’s Games, setting a new record for the first time in more than 20 years.

I strongly believe that I could not have done it by myself. I strongly believe that I couldn’t have done it by myself. I was able to prove the strength of our team.

That’s what Miho Takagi, 27, said after winning the gold medal in the women’s 1000m speed skating event on February 18. This year, Takagi competed in five events and won four medals. This is the most medals won by a Japanese ski jumper in a single Winter Olympics, surpassing Kazuki Funaki’s record of three in the 1998 Nagano Olympics. In addition, she has won seven medals, surpassing Ryoko Tani’s record of five, and becoming the most medal-winning female athlete of all time.

Takagi is a legend in her own right, but she is also a legend outside of the competition.

On February 15, the women’s pursuit final. Her sister Nana Takagi fell 60 meters before the goal, narrowly missing the gold medal. After the race, the Japanese team appeared in the interview area, and the atmosphere was so somber that I was hesitant to speak to them. Nana, in particular, was visibly exhausted and was in no condition to give a proper answer.

Seeing this situation, Takagi was actively speaking so that his sister would not have to speak. When one question was asked to her, she was very attentive, quickly guiding her to a position where she could answer it easily.

Miho Takagi cares for her sister who was crying after the Pursuit race.

In competitive sports, results are everything.

Takaki’s eyes were a little moist as she said this, but she remained stout-hearted until the end.

As we all know, she soon got another “result” of a hundred points. On February 17, Takagi competed in the women’s 1000m. On February 17, Takagi competed in the women’s speed skating 1000 m. In the 13th group with Angelina Golikova of ROC, she took first place with a new Olympic record of 1:13:19. The moment she crossed the finish line, Takagi gave a big gut-punch.

Takagi with a strong gut-pose after crossing the finish line in the women’s 1000m

After Takagi, Nao Kodaira (35) stood on the rink. She had won two medals, including gold, at the PyeongChang Olympics, but had not achieved the results she had hoped for at this event. Takagi had given it all he had in the previous race and was sitting on the edge of the rink. As Kodaira skated in front of him, Takagi, who was still breathing, shouted and clapped his hands in support of Kodaira. After watching Kodaira’s run, Takagi finally went back to the waiting area.

Takagi and Kodaira hug each other after the women’s 1000m.

Takagi first competed in the Vancouver Olympics in 2010 at the age of 15. She was hailed as a “super junior high school student,” but finished in last place, and was not selected for the Sochi Olympics in 2002. However, she has risen from the ashes and achieved great things at the PyeongChang Olympics and now the Beijing Olympics.

Takagi has a strength that cannot be found in players who have simply walked the elite path. This is evident in her “legend response. It seems that her feats will continue.

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