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“Player’s First Policy” of Tsuyoshi Shinjo Has an Amazing Effect

Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters Weekly BIGBOSS REPORT The first thunderbolt came from the coach

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He speaks directly to the players on the field or through social networking sites. He is also known for his communication skills.

Manager Tsuyoshi Shinjo (50) has long been talking about his theory that he wants to let the players rest without putting on the dragonfly between the end of the knocking and the next event. This is because he wants the players to concentrate on practice, but in the second session of this camp, he encountered a player putting on a dragonfly. I don’t know how many times I told you. The first thunderbolt came from a coach.

The first thunderbolt came from the coach. Naoto Inada, 42, the infield defense and base running coach, made a series of missteps in knocking in the ball. It’s a loving tease. It’s a loving tease, but the atmosphere is good because they always put the players first,” said the evening newspaper desk.

It has been reported every day that the team has been practicing a lot of ideas, such as sending pitches through a hula hoop circle and shuffling the defensive positions, but the goal of all of them is to improve their defensive skills.

In his career, Shinjo developed an ultra-aggressive defense by studying pitchers and opposing hitters from center field. He was able to determine the direction the ball would fly based on the pitcher’s condition and the course of the ball, and he was able to charge to the predicted landing spot at full speed. This “Shinjo Method” was perfected during his time at Nippon Ham. Shinjo, the center fielder, would cover from right to left center, and the right and left fielder would be near the line. This prevented a lot of doubles and made it possible for him to catch foul flies. Outfielder Nakamasa Mannami (21), who was injected with some of the “ism” by the Big Boss, was impressed and said, “This is the ultimate technology.

It’s just like Shinjo to have such a flashy defense.

The commander himself applied the dragonfly. He said, “Managers and coaches play a supporting role. The manager and coaches are supporters, but the players are the stars.
The essence of Big Boss baseball is “super-aggressive defense.
The essence of Big Boss baseball is “super-aggressive defense”.
The essence of Big Boss baseball is “super-aggressive defense”.

From “FRIDAY” February 25, 2022 issue

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