Masahiro Higashide’s Disappointed Face Can be Seen Just before the Announcement Cancellation of His Contract | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Masahiro Higashide’s Disappointed Face Can be Seen Just before the Announcement Cancellation of His Contract

Why did his agency not abandon him even after the report of his infidelity?

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The Devil and Eternity” was written by a writer/director who, upon learning of Higashide’s series of scandals, picked Higashide to play the lead role.

Early February. In early February, a man wearing a black hat and a long coat appeared in the underground parking lot of the Honda Theater, a sacred place for small theaters in Shimokitazawa (Setagaya Ward), Tokyo. The man with a height of 189cm and a clear face that cannot be hidden even with a mask and sunglasses is actor Masahiro Higashide (34). He had come to the theater for a performance of “The Devil and Eternity,” a play in which he plays the lead role.

About half an hour after the performance, Higashide got into the driver’s seat of an old blue Prius with “Omiya” license plate, which seemed to be his parents’ car, and took the wheel himself to leave the venue. His expression was not a cheerful one, as the stage was not filled to capacity, and he seemed to be worried about his situation.

Two days later, the stage closed, and Higashide terminated her exclusive contract with her agency, Humanite.

It had been two whole years since the news of the affair. The four commercials she had appeared in immediately after the report were cancelled, and the amount of damages is said to exceed 300 million yen. Even so, the agency has been working hard to support Higashide and has been looking for an opportunity to bring him back.

He has always been a talented actor, and the movie “Confidence Man JP: Hero Arc” that was released this year was well received. He also appeared in the drama “Ningen Kowai” broadcast on WOWOW on February 6 as a semi-leading role, and offers continue to come in. However, it is highly likely that the money is being used to pay off the penalty. It’s not a profitable situation for the agency.

The comments made by the agency at the time of the announcement of her departure show the complexity of her feelings.

When she announced her departure, her agency’s comments showed her mixed feelings: “It’s not so much anger, but a sense of exertion and emptiness,” and “I can’t walk with you any more.

In October of last year, a report that he had invited a woman to stay at a hotel where he was staying on location in a local area seemed to have triggered the situation. He was accused of being insane because he was in a tight spot due to reports of infidelity and the Corona disaster.

Humanite is also an agency with many actresses. If the situation continues, it may affect the work of the actresses belonging to the company, and they may not be able to take care of them anymore. I hear that sponsors are still reluctant to use her in TV dramas, and she has lost a lot of female fans. Now that he has been abandoned by the agency that took good care of him, it is hopeless for him to appear in TV and movies.

Before starting his acting career, Higashide attended a vocational school to become a jewelry designer. Will he remain in the entertainment industry as an actor, or will he move on to another world? A thorny path awaits him.

The unpublished cut of Masahiro Higashide’s face just before the announcement of the termination of his contract.
This is the first issue of “FRIDAY” to feature an interview with Masahiro Higashide.

From the March 4, 2022 issue of FRIDAY

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