Tragedy and a smile… Yuzuru Hanyu “behaved too god to be shown on TV”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Tragedy and a smile… Yuzuru Hanyu “behaved too god to be shown on TV”.

Beijing Winter Olympics: What our correspondent saw! Yuzuru Hanyu showed his "divine behavior" right after the "tragic SP", Ayumu Hirano kept watching his brother's skating even after his own run was over, and Ryoyu Kobayashi's shout echoed in the hall. ......

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Hanyu puts the edge cover of his skates on his forehead before the free skate on Feb. 10. It’s a routine to show his gratitude.

I think it was a satisfying quadruple and a half for me.

On February 14, Yuzuru Hanyu, 27, held a press conference at the media center in Beijing, where he reflected on his Olympics.

The venue was so crowded that there were people standing, and a circle of Chinese staff waiting outside the venue for Hanyu fans to enter. When Hanyu arrived at the venue about 15 minutes before the press conference, there were yellow cheers of “Caw! When Hanyu arrived at the venue about 15 minutes before the press conference, he was greeted with yellow cheers.

Many athletes created legends at the Beijing Winter Olympics. The Beijing Winter Olympics saw many athletes create legends, but when they were not on TV cameras, they showed a different side of themselves.

This correspondent witnessed Hanyu’s “divine response” on February 8. It was on February 8, just after the tragedy of his short program, when he got stuck in a hole in the rink and “missed” the opening quadruple salchow. After Hanyu watched his score in “Kiss and Cry,” the audience called out the name of Masama Uno (24). Hanyu greeted Uno with a big round of applause. Not just out of courtesy, he continued to applaud for a while even after the TV cameras had switched off.

After the competition, the competitors left the rink through a partitioned corridor behind the kiss-and-cry area. It was not shown on TV and was not visible to most spectators. However, from the position of this reporter in the press box, we could see Hanyu pulling away. As he exited the rink through the partitioned corridor, he bowed deeply to the staff who were opening and closing the door. It had been less than ten minutes since he had finished his own performance.

On this day, as well as after the Free Practice on the 10th, Hanyu bowed deeply to the press after the interview. After the free skate, he bowed a total of five times, and finally left the press area with his head bowed.

Ayumu Hirano (23) won the gold medal in the men’s halfpipe snowboarding event. in the second run of the final on February 11, he perfectly performed difficult tricks such as “Triple Cork 144 On February 11, Hirano won the gold medal in the men’s halfpipe, but his second run in the final on February 11 was controversial, as his score was only provisionally second, despite his perfect performance of difficult tricks such as “Triple Cork 144.

Two days before this, on the 9th, this reporter had witnessed Hirano’s appearance. On that day, the qualifying round was held, and Hirano scored 93.25 points, which was high enough to pass the qualifying round in first place. However, after finishing her run, she didn’t go to the waiting room and stopped at the interview area. In fact, after her run, she was staring at her younger brother, Hirano Kaishu (19), as he skated.

He started snowboarding after watching his own performance at the Sochi Olympics, and was probably more concerned about his brother’s first appearance at the Olympics than he was about himself. In the finals, Kaiju not only finished in 9th place, but also made a big air of 7.4m, which drew loud cheers from the audience.

In the men’s ski jumping, Ryoyu Kobayashi (25) won the gold medal in the normal hill and the silver medal in the large hill, and in the first run of the large hill final on February 12, Kobayashi made a huge jump of 142.0m. In the first run of the Large Hill final on February 12, Kobayashi made a huge jump of 142.0m, which was enough to secure him a double individual title, something that only three jumpers in the history of the Olympics have ever achieved. Kobayashi’s cry echoed through the hall.

I was overtaken by the next Norwegian, and unfortunately I could not win the individual crown. However, in the team competition on the 14th, we finished 5th as a team, but as an individual, we finished 1st among all competitors in the total score of two jumps.

It is possible that he will win two individual titles in the next Olympics. The legends of these athletes continue to unfold.

Ayumu Hirano won the gold medal in the halfpipe. The audience booed the judges’ table during the second run, which was questionable.
Ryouyu Kobayashi strikes a gut-punch after landing in the large jump hill. He kept flying in the harsh environment of almost minus 20 degrees Celsius.

From “FRIDAY” March 4, 2022 issue

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