Koki’s First Starring Horror Movie “Ushikubi Village” Brought Creepy Souvenir for Her Sister Cocomi | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Koki’s First Starring Horror Movie “Ushikubi Village” Brought Creepy Souvenir for Her Sister Cocomi

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The closeness of the family is the best in the entertainment industry…!

Cocomi, a flute player and the eldest daughter of national idol Takuya Kimura and singer Shizuka Kudo, is talking about the “too creepy souvenir” she received from her younger sister, model Koki. Fans are in an uproar, “What the hell is this? What is this?

Cocomi reported on her SNS that the gift from Koki was a doughnut. …… It was a black and white doughnut with what looked like a cow’s head on top of it. The cow’s eyes seemed to be popping out in a big way, and it looked delicious, but it also looked kind of scary ……. What the hell is this?

“Open to the public today! Cow’s neck village Koki, came back with a souvenir~! Donuts! Cute. I’m going to see it the week after next with my friends.

Yes, it seems that these doughnuts are a nod to Koki’s debut and first starring role in the movie “Ushukubumura”.

Ushikubumura is the third installment in Takashi Shimizu’s “Village of Terror” horror series, following Inunaki-mura and Jukai-mura, and was just released on February 18, with Koki playing the dual roles of Kanone, a 17-year-old high school student, and her younger sister, Shion. On the first day of the film’s release, Koki gave a speech saying, “Thanks to this film, I had many wonderful encounters and had a wonderful experience. He also talked about the highlights of the film, saying, “I hope that people will pay attention to the horror part, but also to the human relationships, love, and friendship.

I wonder if the much-talked-about cow’s-neck donuts were given to her at this stage greeting. ……

These two sisters are strengthening their unity by giving each other gifts. I can’t take my eyes off them more and more. ……!

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