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Malicious “Daddy Manual Activity” Popular Among Young Girls in Kabukicho Area

Chihuahua Sasaki, a writer of Keio University, describes the real life of Piena4 years after the end of 2022, Kabukicho is now...... Part 5

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I’m not sure if you’ve ever heard of this, but I’m sure you’ve heard of it.

When I look at the social networking sites of girls who work at night, I occasionally see such phrases. When I look at the posts, I see pictures of champagne and wads of cash against a glittering background. Apparently, he is spending a lot of money at a host club.

Recently, a malicious information product has been circulating around Kabukicho. It’s called “Papa-katsu-sha manual”, and it’s being sold on note and other sites as “how to make so much money”, with pictures of young girls in their late teens or early twenties enjoying themselves at host clubs. They are selling it on note and other sites.

There are various manuals available on social networking sites, such as how to identify Jiba (daddy’s activity partner) and information on individual consultations.

There are many manuals available on social networking sites, such as how to identify good daddies and bad daddies, how to set up a profile that makes it easy to get involved with daddy activities, how to get paid a lot of money, how to get rid of daddies who become a pain in the ass, etc. …… They sell such know-how for several thousand to several tens of thousands of yen. In the case of high priced manuals, there are also those that allow you to consult directly with the seller on line.

I wonder who would buy such a dubious manual, but there are quite a few buyers. Young girls who are longing for the papakatsu (papa-katsu) lifestyle, or who have started going to a host and are in need of money, are buying them all. Some girls buy more than one manual to gather information, “00’s manual was helpful,” “I bought □□-chan’s backdoor puller notebook and put it into practice, I really pulled 500,000! Genius! The Twitter feed is full of such posts.

This is a typical information product, but some of the manuals have malicious contents. The ones that recommend lying about not being able to pay rent or having debts are cute, but the ones that are even worse are the ones where the seller is selling a manual that is bullshit to begin with. They lie about their experiences and their extravagant trips to host clubs. They sell false information in the form of papakatsukas (papakatsukatsu manuals) and try to seduce you by saying, “If a girl can’t invest tens of thousands of yen in a manual, there’s no way she can get more than a million. In addition, they even use cherry pickers to advertise their products with false tweets saying that they made money by buying the manual.

Some of these malicious sellers surround the girls who buy their products and force them to quit their jobs or to do their own daddy activities by harassing and abusing them in the name of “consultation.

Some of the girls who bought the manual did not do well and consulted with the seller, only to be forced to buy a more expensive manual. It is ironic that the girls of the same generation end up being suckers after trying to get money from the old men.

Until a long time ago, it was always men who cheated young girls. Scouts in Kabukicho would approach them and say, “I have a good job for you,” and mediate for night work. However, nowadays, there is a rapid increase in the number of young girls trying to get money from girls of the same age, and one of them is the “Papakatsu Manual.

So how do the information merchants who sell these manuals find the suckers? The most popular way is through social networking sites. In some cases, accounts are bought and sold in order to advertise directly to girls who are interested in night work and daddy activities. Among the famous sex workers and cabaret girls in Kabukicho, there are many influencers who have thousands to tens of thousands of followers. There are some information merchants who pay hundreds of thousands of yen to these people and buy their entire accounts.

There have always been many people in Kabukicho who try to cheat young girls. But nowadays, we have to be wary of girls of the same generation. By the way, as far as I can tell, the girls who are really making money from their daddy’s activities are living quietly and inconspicuously.

Chihuahua Sasaki was born in Tokyo in 2000. She has been going to Kabukicho since she was 15, and has a wide range of contacts. At university, he is studying the sociology of downtown areas including Kabukicho. The disease called “Pien”: Consumption and approval of the SNS generation” (Fusosha Shinsho) is now on sale.

From the February 18, 2022 issue of FRIDAY

  • Interviewed and written by Chihuahua Sasaki

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