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Masahiro Higashide No longer Connected to “Humanite” Entertainment.

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Masahiro Higashide was announced to be fired from his office on February 15th. What does his ex-wife, Anzu, think…

It seems that the office has finally run out of patience.

On February 15, the entertainment production company “Humanite” announced that they had terminated the contract with actor Masahiro Higashide at the end of February 14.

Higashide was found to be having an affair with his co-star Erika Karada in January of 2008. In August of the same year, he announced his divorce from his wife, Anzu.

In August of the same year, he announced his divorce from his wife, Anzu. “Mr. Higashide was dropped from all the commercials he was in. The penalty was said to be 300 million yen.

It was the agency that took care of it. It seems that Ms. Higashide has been paying back the money little by little from her performance fees.

(Sports newspaper reporter) The office’s comment on the website on March 15 clearly states that they were expecting him to come back from the affair scandal.

We have also been searching for a way to revive him as an actor. I thought that by sincerely working on each film one by one, Masahiro Higashide might one day find the possibility of his rebirth as an actor. Naturally, I thought that Higashide himself must be going through the same thing.

However, Higashide easily betrayed those expectations. In October of last year, “Shukan Bunshun” reported on his secret meeting with a half-breed beauty in her twenties.

His office has expressed their disappointment.

Last fall, Higashide’s lack of consideration for the situation caused the road to recovery to come to a halt. At that time, what we felt was not anger, but rather a sense of futility and emptiness. After much deliberation, we came to the conclusion that we could not walk together any longer.

He left a comment full of despair.

Unlike television, the film industry was relatively tolerant of infidelity scandals. There were many staff members who liked Mr. Higashide, and offers continued to come in even after the affair.

Of course, this was because she had the backing of her office. However, there was a tendency for Ms. Higashide to think that the situation was her own strength. There were reports that she was talking to people around her about going independent, not being fired.

In the past, there was Jimpachi Nezu, and now Kanako Higuchi and Sakura Ando belong to Humanite, a long-established acting agency that has made its presence felt in the entertainment industry. The office, which has a reputation for being relatively free and caring, seems to have had its hands full with Higashiide.

There have been cases where people have struggled with independence from their offices, but I’ve never seen such harsh comments. It’s no exaggeration to say that this is a letter of insulation.

After being written up to this level, the people in the film and stage industry who had been in favor of Ms. Higashide would be reluctant to offer her a job because of Humanite. It will probably be even more difficult for her to pursue her career in the entertainment industry than it was during the affair scandal.

For Higashide, it’s as if she’s just a little rusty…

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