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Korea’s Curling Team with Charming face Kim Eun Jung Tag as “Senior Glasses” on Game

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During the competition, “Spectacles Senpai” had a stern expression on his face and often shouted (Image: Afro)

After the match, “Spectacles Senpai” finally broke down and smiled at the press.

Japan is a tough rival. (We had lost two games in a row (to China and the U.S.), so we definitely wanted to win this …… game. I was filled with anxiety.

South Korea defeated Japan 10-5 on February 14 in the first round of the women’s curling competition at the Beijing Winter Olympics. The biggest reason for the victory was probably the accurate shot of skip Kim Eun-jung, 31, known as the “senior with glasses. While Japanese skip May Fujisawa’s success rate was 71%, Kim’s was an impressive 90%. In the ninth end, Japan announced that they were going to concede defeat.

Kim wears round, black-rimmed glasses and never loses his stern expression during the match. Even when he eats a banana in between competitions, he keeps a serious expression on his face. He explained to several Korean media why his expression is so serious. I’m not conscious of it. I’m not conscious of it, but once I get nervous and my expression hardens, I can’t change it.

Glasses Senpai’ is a nickname given to him by a character in the manga ‘SLAM DUNK’. When South Korea defeated Japan by a large margin, “#Glasses Senpai” started trending on Twitter,” said a sports journalist.

Kim’s popularity is rising rapidly in Japan. What kind of person is he?

I was born in Uiseong-gun, a town in western Korea. The reason he started curling was because there were no recreational facilities around, so he naturally played on the ice in winter. He became a star at an early age and made the junior national team in 2010, winning the silver medal at the Asia-Pacific Junior Championships for three consecutive years from 2010 to 2012.

In April 2012, she was selected to represent South Korea. Kim’s name first became known to the world at the PyeongChang Winter Olympics in February 2006, when she qualified with an 8-1 record and won a silver medal, losing to Sweden in the final. It was at this time that the nickname ‘senior glasses wearer’ began to take root.

When he takes off his glasses, he looks like this: ……

Kim is feared by the world’s strongest teams for her stern expression and accurate shots. However, in an interview with Nikkan Sports (Feb. 23, 2006), her rival Fujisawa revealed the surprising true face of the “senior with glasses”.

It’s hard to tell because he wears glasses, but when he takes them off, he’s beautiful. During a match, she is very tense and her crisp face makes her stand out even more, but when she lets her hair down at a party and takes off her glasses, she looks amazing. But at the party, when I let my hair down and take off my glasses, I look really cool. I’m not as cool as you, so I’ll try my best with my shots.

Off the ice, Kim is very friendly.

Off the ice, Kim is very friendly and responds to fans’ requests for photos and autographs with a smile. Off the ice, Kim is very friendly. She seems to be a different person from when she is competing. By the way, her hobby is making plastic models of the anime “Mobile Suit Gundam. Even when she’s having a bad day, making Gunpla somehow calms her down.

Some local authorities have paid attention to his trademark glasses.

The glasses that Kim wears are a brand called “Prism” manufactured by Phantom Optical in Daegu, central South Korea. After the PyeongChang Olympics, the city appointed Kim as its ambassador for eyeglasses. Kim is also contributing to the development of the eyeglass industry,” said a member of the Japan Curling Association.

In July 2006, Kim married a South Korean skating coach she had been dating for five years, and gave birth to her first son in May 2007.

In July 2006, she married her skating coach of five years in Korea. However, she returned to curling in August 2007. It seems that she has her own policy of continuing to compete even after becoming a mother. She told the people around her something to this effect. I want the world’s female athletes to see that I can play sports while raising a child. She always shows respect to her opponents, including Japan. She is a role model for the curling world, isn’t she?

The battle to win the coveted second consecutive medal continues for mom athlete Megane Senpai.

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