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Reluctance of Commercial Key TV Stations Hindrance to Ken Watabe’s Comeback

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Watabe taking a walk with his dog in October 2008. When a reporter spoke to him, he said, “I have no plans to return.

Ken Watabe of “Anjash” fame. 49 Anjash’s Ken Watabe (49) has finally resumed his activities. The “Shukan Bunshun” reported that June 2008 It’s been about a year and eight months since he took a break from performing due to the affair that “Shukan Bunshun” reported on in June 2008. February 15 On February 15, he appeared on “Monochrome Anjash” (Chiba TV) and apologized for the series of disturbances and expressed his regret.

Even before the program aired, he had said, “The industry’s viewer rating 100 Before the program aired, it was whispered that the viewership rating in the industry would be “100%”. Many of the TV people who watched the program felt anxious about Watabe’s future.

A chief director of a production company that produces a number of popular variety shows said, “The one year and eight month gap was a big one.

In the VTR, Watabe’s eyes were swimming and it was easy to see how desperate he was. The recording was finished in about an hour. What surprised me this time was that his partner Kazuya Kojima ( 49 The surprising thing this time was the way his partner Kazuya Kojima (49) played the double role of a joker and a comedian. In the past, Watabe was more famous than Kazuya, but I think their positions have completely reversed. As a comedian, Watabe has reached a level where he can’t do without Kojima.

The reason why Watabe chose “Black and White Anjash” as the place to revive his career is that it was the duo’s first crowning program for “Anjash. It was also a way to return the favor to Chiba TV, which had allowed him to serve as the sole MC while his partner, Kojima, was away.

On the other hand, Watabe was insistent until the very end on a surprise revival on NTV’s flagship program, “Matrix no Naru Hourei Saisho.

Watabe’s side of the story. “Watabe’s side is aiming to make a full-fledged comeback in 2010. In the meantime, Watabe was determined to make a surprise comeback on NTV’s flagship program, “Zetsu wo areru houshisaisho. A Mr. A had been trying to get Watabe to come back to work on “Laugh It Off SP” and “Matrix no Eru Hourei Saisho” two years ago. I heard that he was met with more fierce opposition than expected.

Nowadays, TV stations cannot ignore the wishes of their sponsors as advertising costs continue to decline due to the spread of the new coronavirus. Mr. A, who holds an important position within Nittele, naturally gives weight to the opinions of the sales side. As a result, his relationship with Watabe has become awkward.

Trouble that can’t be laughed at

The reason why Watabe was disliked so much by the sales side was because he was disliked by many women in the world. The negative image of the “multi-purpose restroom affair” reported in the Shukan Bunshun is still very much alive.

I don’t understand why he would use the multipurpose toilet. I don’t understand how you can give money to someone and 10 minutes. I don’t understand why they use multipurpose toilets. …… I’m not sure what to do. Fundamentally, Watabe is out. It will be very difficult for him to get rid of his bad image,” said an advertising agency executive.

After being turned down by Nippon Television Network Corporation, Watabe’s side was not ready to give up and approached the production team of other stations through a source.

The reaction was generally similar at other stations as well as at Nittele. This is not surprising considering the fact that many women were upset with her.

This time, Watabe was not able to get the backing of the key terrestrial broadcasters, including Nittele. Watabe’s future as a comedian has a thorny path ahead of it.

It is said that he will make a full comeback depending on the success of “Black and White Anjash,” but it will be difficult. Chiba TV is a local independent station and does not have much influence on the viewers. It is unlikely that he will be invited to participate in variety shows on key stations as he did before.

The misogyny of a comedian scandal is essentially to reflect on the trouble and make it funny. However, as many comedians such as Hiroyuki Ariyoshi and Hitoshi Matsumoto are concerned about, the multi-purpose toilet affair cannot be teased. As a comedian, you’re screwed on all sides.

There is no way that Watabe, who is known as one of the best schemers in the entertainment industry, is going to remain silent. What is he searching for?

First of all, he’s returning to Hulu’s “Watabe no Arukikata” (Watabe’s Way of Walking), which is currently being distributed, and seems to be searching for a way to release a new work. Next, he is trying to make a full-scale entry into the world of gourmet food, which is his hobby. I was working at the Toyosu market as a volunteer while I was under house arrest. It’s all because I was thinking about what I would do when I came back.

As a market comedian, he is trying to deepen his knowledge as a gourmet reporter and an expert on food ingredients. He wants to open a restaurant, which is his dream, and also start a YouTube channel as a market entertainer. (Entertainment industry insider)

Watabe will be paying the price for his infidelity for some time to come. Will he be able to make a full recovery?

  • Photographed by Sota Shima

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