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Actress Nozomi Sasaki Plays Great Role in Husband Ken Watabe’s Returning on TV

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Ken Watabe of “Anjash” returns to TV after an absence of about 600 days. His wife, Nozomi Sasaki, also encouraged him…

Anjash’s Ken Watabe finally made his return to TV.

On February 15, comedy duo Anjash’s Ken Watabe, who had been on hiatus due to an affair, returned to TV for the first time in about 600 days. The duo appeared on “Monochrome Anjash” (Chiba TV), the program they had been MCing together.

When the program started, his partner Kazuya Kojima appeared first. He revealed that he hadn’t met with Watabe before the recording.

He said, “I’m not going to follow through with the schedule. I have a report and a request to make him come back from here. Then I’ll call him.”

As he spoke, Watabe appeared, dressed in a dark blue suit. To the camera and his partner

I’m looking forward to working with you.

He bowed deeply to the camera and his partner.

He bowed deeply to the camera and his partner and said, “Dear viewers, I’m very sorry for the trouble I’ve caused you by the really stupid thing I did. I apologize from the bottom of my heart. I am truly sorry.

I’m really sorry for the inconvenience I caused, especially to those who needed the multipurpose toilet. I’m really sorry for the inconvenience. I am truly sorry for the inconvenience and discomfort this has caused.

He also apologized for the affair that took place 18 months ago. Also, Kojima said

What did your wife say to you? Like today?

What did your wife say to you today?” Kashima asked, referring to the reaction of his wife, actress Nozomi Sasaki.

He said, “She and I talked a lot, and she told me she was quitting the entertainment industry as if she was running away. It’s better to show your back to your son by trying again and failing. It’s better for my son to hear, “Dad, you failed once, but you didn’t run away and tried again. We’ve talked about that.

He also revealed that Sasaki had encouraged him to return to the entertainment industry.

She also revealed that Sasaki encouraged her to return to the entertainment industry, saying, “My partner, Mr. Kojima, is probably the most important person for my return. For a while, there were rumors that they didn’t get along, but they patiently waited for the opportunity to come back together.

At NTV and other major commercial stations, there were some people on the frontline who approved of their return. But in the end, the station’s upper management and sponsors refused to fire them.

In June of 2008, she refrained from her activities due to an infidelity scandal. At the end of that year, she made her comeback in “Never Laugh, Never Go To Las Vegas 24:00! (Nippon Television Network Corporation), but it was not recorded.

Six months later, there were whispers that she was going to appear again in “Matrix-no-teru Saisetsujo,” where she was a regular on NTV, but the media caught wind of it before the taping, and it all came to a halt again.

It seems that the office side courted the show’s sponsors, and Chiba TV allowed her to return. In other words, the only way for them to come back was to work for a local station,” said a reporter from a sports newspaper.

It is said that the duo will continue to appear on the show together. The duo will continue to appear on the show together, but depending on the response, it will be a touchstone for them as it will affect their future entertainment career.

In order for him to make a comeback, his wife, Sasaki, is probably as important as his partner, Kojima. There was talk of divorce, but in the end they did not split up.

During her husband’s period of self-restraint, she has been working vigorously, starring in a series of dramas for the first time in four years. She also supported her family financially by purchasing a new 400 million yen condominium under her own name after the Watabe scandal,” said a reporter from a women’s magazine.

Watabe’s “inappropriate behavior” in a multi-purpose restroom was not just an infidelity scandal. But if his wife is willing to forgive him, the public will not be able to say anything more about it.

It is said that a TV program planned to have the couple act together, but as expected, Sasaki’s office refused to give a favorable response, saying, “We don’t want to add any more color to Watabe. Even so, the best way to deal with infidelity is to stay together as a couple.

If they divorced because of the affair, it would have been even more fatal to Watabe’s image. Ms. Sasaki’s stock is rising rapidly because she did not abandon her husband even after such a megaton-class scandal.

(Entertainment reporter) Before the affair, Watabe was said to have had an irreverent attitude toward his partner and women. I wonder what he will do to repay them for not abandoning him.

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