Netizens Love Galina Arsenkina and Called as “Senior Glasses” After Seeing Her Wearing Glasses During Practice. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Netizens Love Galina Arsenkina and Called as “Senior Glasses” After Seeing Her Wearing Glasses During Practice.

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This team seems to be becoming more familiar to the Japanese.

Galina Arsenkina, the second member of the women’s ROC (Russian Olympic Committee) curling team at the Beijing Olympics, is a hot topic on the Internet as a “senior with glasses. This is the first time that I’ve ever seen a woman in this position.

Galina plays with large glasses that make her look intelligent, and she is affectionately called “Megane-senpai. Speaking of senpai (seniors with glasses), South Korea’s Kim Eun-jung is also famous, but the Internet was abuzz with excitement, “There are senpai in Russia too? The Internet was abuzz with excitement.

The topic of conversation came from the Instagram account of Team Kova, the curling team Galina has been a member of since the 2019-2020 season. In the photo, five of the team members are surrounded by training equipment. In the photo, the five members of the team are surrounded by training equipment, showing how well they get along with each other, and people all over the world who have become new fans of the team are posting comments of joy.

Galina, wearing a sleeveless outfit, is in the middle of the photo, smiling. She is not wearing her trademark large glasses in this photo, but she still looks cute.

Galina is 30 years old, born in June 1991, and hails from Zelenograd, Russia. In fact, Galina was originally a figure skater. But due to an injury, she had to stop the doctor and joined the local curling team. She finished second in a regional tournament and was soon invited to join the Moscow team.

I fell in love with curling and couldn’t stop. I like the feeling of sliding, making good shots, and winning.

Galina won the European Games in 2016 and the bronze medal at the 2018 World Championships. She also competed at the last Games in Pyeongchang. Although she didn’t win a medal, she said, “I’m proud to have competed.

Her goal is “to win a medal at the Olympics. Her goal is “to win a medal at the Olympics,” and although it is unlikely that she will win a medal in Beijing, curling is a sport with a long lifespan. We can’t take our eyes off Galina’s future. ……!

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