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Failure to Return on TV Ken Watabe and Hiroyuki Miyasako Ventures on New Activity

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Ken Watabe of “Anjash” made his return to TV for the first time in about 600 days. The internet is full of controversy…

Ken Watabe of “Anjash” has been refraining from his activities because he had an affair with several women in a multi-purpose bathroom. He made his return to television for the first time in a year and eight months with the February 15 broadcast of his flagship program, “Black and White Anjash” (Chiba TV).

He said, “I’m sorry for the inconvenience and discomfort caused to those who need the multipurpose toilet. I sincerely regret it.”

As it was his first time back, Watabe was in a state of flat apology from beginning to end. His partner Kazuya Kojima said

I hate (Watabe’s) human nature. I think the most important thing is not for you or for Anjash, but for your family. His wife, children, and family. I feel strongly about that.

It was like a public sermon. In addition, Watabe’s consistent bowing attitude made me think, “Aren’t you being too hard on me?

Isn’t he too stiff with me? You’re too polite.

He complained.

Of course, there are two sides to Watabe’s return. Some say, “If his wife, Nozomi Sasaki, allows it, it’s fine. There is also a deep-rooted opinion that says, “I don’t want to see Watabe on TV for disrespecting women’s dignity.

But no matter what, the fact is that Watabe is back on TV.

In contrast is Hiroyuki Miyasako, the former “Ameagari Kessittai” who was forced to suspend his activities due to a black market problem and has yet to return to terrestrial broadcasting.

Miyasako’s partner, Toru Hotarubara, broke up the group and he was abandoned by both Yoshimoto and his partner. Even with the help of Akashiya Sanma, who was offering a helping hand, Miyasako was unable to return to television.

The difference between Mr. Watabe and Mr. Miyasako is whether they refrained from doing anything. The difference between Mr. Watabe and Mr. Miyasako is whether they refrained from doing anything.

Furthermore, he started YouTube the day before Ryo Tamura of London Boots No. 1 and No. 2, who had also refrained from YouTube due to their black-marketing problem, held a press conference for his return, citing “the convenience of their collaborators. Many people felt that he was thinking of making a comeback before Ryo did. Mr. Hotarubara couldn’t tolerate that way of doing things,” said a reporter from a sports paper.

(Sports reporter) Miyasako has become a popular YouTube user, but he has revealed that his income has decreased significantly compared to his TV days.

He says that he is now more busy with preparations for the Yakiniku restaurant “Beef Miyagi” which is scheduled to open in March than with his activities as a comedian. The rent for the restaurant is 2.8 million yen and tens of millions of yen have been spent on the interior, and Hiroyuki Nishimura, a.k.a. Hiroyuki, speculates that the restaurant will collapse within a year. I think it will go under within a year.

I can’t even appear on TV as a comedian, and the duo has broken up. If his new restaurant doesn’t do well, he’ll probably hit rock bottom.

Although he received more criticism than Miyasako, Watabe may have been smarter than her in refraining from doing anything so that his partner would not abandon him. Once he’s back on TV, there will be no criticism if he resumes his YouTube and SNS activities.

I think it was a good decision not to rush back to resume activities on YouTube. The biggest thing for me was how not to be abandoned by my partner. In the world of compassionate comedians, this is very important.

(Wide show desk) Yoshimi Tokui and Ryo Tamura of “Tutorial” have also returned to TV. When a scandal occurs, it may be important to take a thorough break and not make a bad excuse.

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