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Shocking Reason Behind Sara Takanashi’s Disqualification in the “Worst Olympics”

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At the Beijing Olympics, Ayumu Hirano (23) became the first person in the history of the Olympics to successfully perform the Triple Cork 1440 on his second run in the men’s snowboard halfpipe final. This was the first time in the history of the Olympics that Ayumu Hirano (23) succeeded in the triple cork 1440 on his second run.

In the halfpipe, judge score the performance based on their overall impression. In the halfpipe, judge score the performance based on their overall impression. A typical example of the controversial judging based on impressions is the figure skating pairs free skate at the Salt Lake City Olympics in 2002. Russia won and Canada took the silver medal, but it was later discovered that France had made a secret agreement with Russia to let Russia win the figure pairs in exchange for letting their own ice dance pair win.

This led to a change in the scoring system to the current one, which sets standard points for jumps and other skills. Snowboarding has the same problem as figure skating did in the past. It can be said that the referee system is immature because of its short history since it became an official event of the Olympics.

At the Beijing Olympics, there were some incomprehensible “rulings” in figure skating, such as ROC’s Kamila Waliyeva (15), who was suspected of doping, but was hastily allowed to compete in the individual event. event at short notice.

The reason why Russia was not allowed to participate in the Beijing Olympics as a country in the first place was because of state-sponsored systematic doping. The “Waliyeva case” proves that Russia’s anti- It is a big problem that the fairness of Figure Skating as a sport is not ensured, and the IOC, which allows Figure Skating to participate as a ROC, is It can’t be helped that they are weak and opportunistic. “

Takanashi’s record was invalidated due to a violation of the suit rules, and Japan went from provisional second place to eighth place. She bounced back, but finished 4th.
In the women’s 1500m speed skating event, Nana Takagi (right) was blocked by a Chinese athlete and finished 8th, missing out on a medal.
The controversial doping allegations against Waliyeva. She claimed that she accidentally ingested her grandfather’s heart medication.
Tomoka Takeuchi, 38, was disqualified for blocking the path of a German competitor in the women’s parallel giant slalom final. Six of the eight judge were German.

The IOC is blinded by money.

Masayuki Tamaki, a sports culture critic who has long been critical of the commercial Olympics, has focused on the “increase in team events.

The IOC has been criticizing the commercialization of the Olympics for some time. The Olympic Charter states that “the Olympic Games are a competition between athletes in individual or team events, not a competition between nations. The IOC has forgotten about the Olympic Charter and is busy raising money for the games by encouraging the structure of national rivalry.

The disqualified member of the mixed ski jumping team mentioned at the beginning of this article is a victim of the “commercial Olympics. This is what a skiing expert in Europe said.

I’m sure you’ve heard of it. To tell the truth, the five disqualified skiers were “regulars” who wore the offending suits in order to win. This is because women’s jumping has a short history, is not popular outside of Japan Sponsors are weak, and the only way to make a living is to win. There was a part of the competition that was overlooked, because the people involved also felt that they had to somehow make the competition more exciting.

Each country has voiced their anger at this ruling, but they have not formally protested because they know they were violating the rules. Takanashi was a popular athlete and had a lot of sponsors. Even if she thought it would be difficult, she had to say ,’I’m going for the gold medal. The pressure of the Olympics must have been enormous.

Fans and viewers, who have no way of knowing the dark side of the Winter Olympics, look only at the results and shake their heads in righteousness. What are the athletes apologizing for when they are burned, beaten up, and forced to apologize?

What the Beijing Winter Olympics has exposed this time is the disastrous state of the Olympics, which is far removed from the term “festival of sports.

In the short track events, there was a series of bailouts and moves up for Chinese athletes. They have drawn the ire of the world.
Hirano was given a low score in spite of her first big move in the Olympics. She complained, “Judges still don’t evaluate properly.
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