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Man Disguised as a Courier Attacked His Former Lover

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The scene of the incident in Takatsuki City, Osaka. Police officers were on the scene until midnight (Image: Kyodo News)

I’ve been robbed!

The girl panicked and called for help from a downstairs resident, who then asked the police to call 110. When the police arrived, they found a man and a woman lying in the second-floor corridor of the three-story apartment building. The man had multiple stab wounds on his chest and stomach, and was bleeding profusely.

On February 14, a young man broke into the room of Ms. Shuko Shibata, 40, who lived on the second floor of an apartment building in Takatsuki City, Osaka Prefecture, just after 6:00 in the evening. The surrounding area echoed with screams of “Caw! Echoed around her. The apartment building, located in a quiet residential area, was enveloped in a somber atmosphere.

The man seemed to have posed as a courier and attacked the apartment. He was carrying a cardboard box with the logo of a major company on it, and the name’Shibata’ was written on the slip. , but the 17-year-old daughter escaped while her mother was struggling with the man. She called for help from nearby residents.

When the police rushed to the scene in response to the call, they found Ms. Shibata and the man lying on the ground. Both were in critical condition and were immediately taken to the hospital, but both are still unconscious (as of February 18) The police suspect that after attacking Ms. Shibata, the man stabbed himself in the chest and attempted suicide.

A turnaround from “unknown man”: ……

The apartment building where the incident took place. The victim lived on the second floor (Image: Kyodo News)

A variety of weapons were found in the cardboard box and backpack the man was carrying. Knives, baton, stun gun, handcuffs, tear gas spray, silicas, and rope. …… It is clear that the crime was premeditated. I wonder who the man is.

There was a bicycle parked in the parking lot of the apartment building that the man may have used for transportation. The identity of the man was found through a check of the crime prevention registration. It turned out that he was a 17-year-old male student at a private high school in Osaka Prefecture.

The eldest daughter, who fled the scene, told the police that a man claiming to be a courier knocked on the door, and when her mother opened the door, he suddenly came into the room. I don’t even know the man. But …….

When the man was identified and the police gave the boy’s name, the elder daughter’s explanation changed. We were classmates at the same junior high school, and we dated for about a month about two years ago, “she said.

What was going on behind the scenes? Yasuhei Ogawa, a former detective with the Kanagawa Prefectural Police and a crime journalist, explains.

The boy must have been in the same state of mind as the stalker. The boy probably felt the same way as a stalker: “The girl he was in a relationship with wouldn’t take him seriously if he asked her about her apartment. So The number of murder weapons is also worrisome. The fact that he even had handcuffs and rope suggests that he was not only trying to harm her, but also to restrain her . He was trying to blackmail her and force her to get back together.

But before he could talk to the girl, he was met with resistance from her mother. It must have been a miscalculation on the boy’s part. The boy must have miscalculated, because he injured the mother in a way that could have been fatal, and then the girl ran away. His plan went down the drain, and I think he became desperate and self-harmed.

The police are treating the incident as an attempted murder and plan to proceed with the investigation pending the boy’s recovery.

The crime scene is about a five-minute walk from Tomita Station on the Hankyu Kyoto Line (Image: Kyodo News)
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