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Prince Akihito Accepted at Tsukuba University

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“Prince Eugene has been accepted to the school of his choice. I’m so happy for you! Congratulations!

Midori Watanabe, an imperial family journalist, sent her heartfelt congratulations.

Midori Watanabe, a journalist for the Imperial Household, offered her heartfelt congratulations: “Tsukuba University’s affiliated school is called’Fuzoku’ and has always attracted really good students. I think it would be a great thing for the people of Japan if they could spend. three years of high school here and meet lifelong friends.

The Akishino family at the start of junior high school.
Photo: Representative Photography / Reuters / Afro

Upon hearing the news that Prince Akishino had been accepted to high school, the family asked, “Is there any special consideration?”

“There must have been some special consideration.

“In the first place, isn’t the five-year limited’partner school system’ an abuse of privilege?

“In the first place, is the five-year limited’partner school system’ an abuse of privilege? Some of them said.

Some of them are concerned about the students themselves, saying, “It’s their own fault if they go to a school that doesn’t match their ability.

There are also a number of comments expressing concern about the students themselves. What is the atmosphere like at this school?

What kind of atmosphere does the school really have? “The results of the internal examinations are never announced. We don’t even know what rank we are in the school. So even if you get a bad grade, you won’t be embarrassed. ..

This is a parent of a current student at Tsukuba University High School.

Students who go on to higher education from junior high school and high school students who enter after taking the high school entrance exam are mixed into classes from the first year.

From April, Prince Eugene will also be placed in one of the classes as a new first-year student. One of the parents, whose son has been attending Chikuzuke since elementary school, said, “The school building is old.

The old school building was a problem, but there was some work done during the winter break, so maybe it was just a coincidence, but the school is being improved. ..

Hierarchy among students

I think it’s the same as in any school with a high deviation score that values freedom and independence, but the students are ‘solid’. In other words, they are a group of people with strong and tough personalities. I was worried that I would be bullied in such a situation.

A parent of one of our graduates said.

Bullying, of course, is not violent. It’s just that they don’t take me seriously. It’s not violent, of course. At Chikuzuke, children from elementary school were called ‘super’, those who took the entrance exam for junior high school were called ‘chugai’, and those who entered from high school were called ‘kougai’.

If this is the case, then His Highness Prince Tomohito falls into the “high school outcasts” category.

Most of the smart and serious children are in the ‘kogai’ category. Most of the children from Ko-gai have been exposed to the public school system, so they have a sense of equilibrium and can easily accept and get along with the children from inside and outside.

Many of the super insiders are the ditzy young lady type. However, when they go on to junior high and high school, they are sifted out based on their grades, so the ones who remain are academically advanced to a certain degree.

The naughty ones are scattered to private schools by the time they reach high school.

The next goal is to enter Tokyo University?

And in three years, the university entrance examinations are coming up.

There are no strict school rules and very little guidance for entrance exams.

However, every year, about 30 students, including current and former students, are admitted to Tokyo University. It is rumored that Princess Eugene is also considering going to the University of Tokyo. It has been whispered that he may be recommended for admission to the University of Tokyo.

The University of Tokyo’s recommendation system, “School Recommendation Type Selection,” does not specify the school. Up to four students from any high school in Japan can apply. (School official).

The University of Tokyo’s general entrance examinations are designed for “science” and “technology.

The University of Tokyo’s general entrance examinations are conducted in the categories of “Science 1, 2, and 3” and “Letters 1, 2, and 3. (First-year students are placed in the “College of Liberal Arts” and choose a faculty when they advance to the third year. In the first year, students are placed in the “Faculty of Liberal Arts,” and in the second year, students are placed in the “Faculty of Agriculture.

If you have a clear idea of what you want to study, it’s good. The students who get in through recommendations are very good at what they do. Many of them would have been able to pass the general entrance exam even if they had taken it.

(Current Todai student) It seems that the image of “recommended admission” is a little different from that of the general public.

Anyway, I’m sure that both Noriko and herself are relieved to have been accepted to the school of their choice.

The situation is still unsettled, with reports of “plagiarism” in the essays that won prizes in competitions, but it goes without saying that she will always be in the spotlight, no matter what she does or doesn’t do.

It goes without saying that he is always in the spotlight, no matter what he does or doesn’t do. 15 years old. He is 15 years old. His life has only just begun. First of all, I hope that he will experience a variety of things during his high school years, and that he will use the ordeals as a source of sustenance to grow up.

For now, I want to be honestly happy that the cherry blossoms are blooming.

  • Photo Representative photo/Reuters/Afro

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