4th Placer Valieva Reprimanded! Unmasking the Russia’s “Snow Queen” Who Calls Her Athletes “Products” | FRIDAY DIGITAL

4th Placer Valieva Reprimanded! Unmasking the Russia’s “Snow Queen” Who Calls Her Athletes “Products”

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Coach Eteri Tutberidze confronts Valieva after her free practice (Image: Kyodo News)

Why did you give up? Why did you stop fighting? Explain it to me.

On February 17, the women’s single figure skating program at the Beijing Winter Olympics was completed. Russia’s Kamila Valieva (15), who has been accused of doping, made a series of mistakes in the free skate. She made a number of mistakes including a Valieva, who is called “hopeless” by her rivals because of her overwhelming strength, broke down in tears when she found out her ranking. But …….

Her coach, Eteri Tutberidze, 47, expressed her disappointment to what just happened instead of consoling her as soon as Valieva came back from the rink. “Why did you give up?”, Valieva couldn’t give a clear answer to Coach Tutberidze question and just continued to cry in frustration.

Both first and second place went to the Russians, but the atmosphere after the competition was somber. Alexandra Trusova, who won the silver medal, refused to accept a hug from Coach Tutberidze and said, “I hate this sport! I’m not going I’m not happy with the result at all. I’ll have to think it over before I decide what to do.

“Do you like to fail?”

Her coach, Tutberidze, is an absolute master, known as the “Empress” or “Queen of the Ice” in Russia. Her students include Alina Zagitova, the gold medalist at the 2006 Pyeongchang Olympics, and Evgenia Medvedeva, the silver medalist. , many athletes drop out because they cannot keep up with Tutberidze’extensive training.

Coach Tutberidze calls the training ground’the factory’ and the athletes’ the materials,’ and he gives them thorough instructions on how to manage their personal lives. She teaches them how to put on makeup, how to walk, and even how to talk Before the Beijing Olympics, he gave an interview to a Russian TV station and said the following: “If I don’t give them strict guidance, they won’t win medals. If they don’t perform the way I want them to , I get very frustrated and scold them “

When Medvedeva made a mistake in a jump during practice, she would say,’Do you like to make mistakes? Then I’ll help you to fall down,’ she reprimanded her. After the Pyeongchang Olympics, Zagitova, who was under her mentorship , said after the Pyeongchang Olympics,’I’m always worried. I’m burned out. “Zagitova temporarily withdrew from competition. In May of last year, she was removed from the Russian team.

Tutberidze was born in 1974, during the former Soviet Union. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, she moved to the United States in 1992 to gain experience as a coach, and returned to Russia in 1999.

She is a single mother and her daughter, Diana Davis, is an ice dancer. As a coach, she has been relentless with her daughter, taking her to the rink from the age of two and shouting at her if she doesn’t skate as instructed. Thanks to her, Davis took second place at the Russian Championships last December, and qualified for the Beijing Olympics.

Valieva, who is also in the middle of a doping scandal, became one of the top athletes in the world under the guidance of Tutoberidze. But because of the doping scandal, she told the Russian media, “The last few days have been emotionally difficult . I’m mentally exhausted, “she said. The future looks grim for her.

If the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) appeals to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), the situation could be prolonged and Valieva could be tested several times.

The tests are humiliating. The urine sample is collected by an examiner of the same sex. The urine sample is collected by an examiner of the same sex, who will be in front of the athlete as they urinate since there is a risk of swapping it The clothes must be pulled up to the top of the chest, and the underwear must be pulled down to the knees.

Tutberidze is not exempted, as WADA chairman Witold Banka told the press.

If it is found that he was involved in the administration of drugs to minors, the doctor and coach should be permanently banned. My personal opinion is that they should be imprisoned. “

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