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Tsuyoshi Shinjo: Big Boss Baseball’s “Three Key Players” to be Valued

Weekly BIGBOSS REPORT Practice games and openers filled with ideas from a variety of temporary coaches The stars of the stove league have arrived at camp

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Shinjo played in the majors with the same glove he used with Hanshin. He is a man who takes good care of his equipment, and he wore his typical outfit when he arrived in Okinawa.

Many fans may have been disappointed by the team slogan “Fans are our treasure” set by Nippon Ham manager Tsuyoshi Shinjo.

But the desk of a sports paper that knew Shinjo during his playing days said, “That’s the essence of him.

When he returned to Japan from the major leagues, Shinjo always said, “If you don’t stand out, you’re not a pro,” and “You have to be seen. When he returned to Japan from the majors, Shinjo always said, ‘If you don’t stand out, you’re not a professional. But now that they have an audience, they are hustling to be seen. The team became stronger. Shinjo is more of a producer than a manager. He sells himself and his players and exposes them to the eyes of the fans. That’s why the fans are his treasure. That’s why the fans are his treasure.

He arrived in Okinawa, the camp site, wearing an overstuffed coat made from discarded gloves, and entered the camp in a 15 million yen trike. On the first night of the camp, he broadcasted a talk with his “temporary coach,” So Takei (48), on Instagram Live. There is no doubt that Shinjo Ham is the most “conspicuous” person at the spring camp.

He also does a lot of ego-searching to find out how he’s being viewed. He also knows that since the beginning of the year, news about Shinjo has started to receive negative comments such as “I’m bored indeed” and “I wish you would concentrate on your main work. I’ve been telling my manager to stop screwing around. He’s a clever guy.” (Evening newspaper desk)

His cleverness is also evident in his coaching personnel. A notable example is Takaya Hayashi (48), who was selected as the head coach.

He is not a household name, but he is a famous coach who is close to Ichiro (48). But he’s very defensive and doesn’t give me any lip service. I don’t think there’s anyone better than him to stop the Big Boss from running wild,” said a sports writer.

The fact that the first place he went on the first day of camp was the second team’s field was also thoughtful. I’m sure he’s the best person to stop him.

The Shinjo baseball philosophy is to nurture young players and create stars. He doesn’t care if he wins or loses, and the team accepts it. To be honest, with the current strength of the team, the B class is very likely. If that is the case, I will play baseball that excites the fans even if we lose. I’d like to see a team that can score runs even with no-hit games by running the bases aggressively and not allow any runs to score by playing solid defense. The three players who will play Big Boss baseball are Hiromi Ito (24), who has a strong arm and was selected for the Samurai Japan team, Ryota Iohata (23), who is faster than Sanibrown, and Nakamasa Mannami (21), who has a Congolese father and possesses superb physical abilities.

Ito could be used as a closer. In the star slot, I’m expecting Kotaro Kiyomiya (22), a sleeping prodigy who has responded to diet orders, and Kosei Yoshida (21), a star of Koshien. The Big Boss is perfect for changing Kiyomiya’s mindset, as he tends to go for guesswork when pushed. Yoshida, anticipating his breakthrough this year, did not bring him up to the first team last year, but took his time to develop him. His fork, which he learned from ace Naoyuki Uesawa (27), has improved dramatically. I think he could be selected to pitch the season opener.

Even if the team loses, the fans will be satisfied with the baseball. The baseball that the Big Boss is aiming for may become a new trend in the baseball world.

Kiyomiya, who boasts a total of 111 hits in high school, was a failure for four years in the professional game. Will the chance encounter with the Big Boss awaken him?
This is the first time I’ve been able to get a good look at the game.
This is the first time I’ve been able to get a good look at the game.
Big Boss Baseball’s “The Three Central Players” whose true value is being tested

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