Cocomi’s “lovey-dovey drive with her mother Shizuka” is a great hit with fans! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Cocomi’s “lovey-dovey drive with her mother Shizuka” is a great hit with fans!

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Cocomi, the eldest daughter of Takuya Kimura and Shizuka Kudo, reported a “lovey-dovey drive” with her mother Shizuka on her Instagram account.

Cocomi introduced the drive in a luxury looking car with leather seats. Cocomi sits in the back seat and Kudo sits in the passenger seat. Cocomi first takes a selfie with a cute peace and then turns the camera to Kudo. Kudo was taken by surprise and looked a little surprised when he saw the camera. He then smiles gently at Cocomi. It was a very heartwarming post, and the fans were happy to see that they were “good friends! It’s a very heartwarming post, and fans are shouting with joy, “They’re so close!

It’s no secret that the Kimura family is very close to each other. On Kudo’s SNS, he often posts pictures of the homemade dishes he cooked for his family, and his two sisters are reported to have helped him. Also, on Kimtaku’s birthday, an old photo of the two youngsters goofing off with their father was shown by their sisters.

And even after the sad event of their beloved dog’s death, the family simultaneously posted messages to their dog and photos of their memories on social networking sites, as if they were comforting each other. They are always together in both happy and difficult times.

The bond between Kudo and Cocomi is particularly strong. Perhaps it is because they sometimes perform together as musicians. The two appeared in the sound stage series “Nishi Honganji Sound Stage” broadcasted last October. On Instagram, photos of Kudo singing powerfully next to Cocomi playing the flute were uploaded. At that time, Kudo’s white sleeveless dress and Cocomi’s elegant black see-through dress were also the talk of the town.

That’s why the “lovey-dovey drive” post must have been a happy one for the fans, showing the strength of their bond! We can’t take our eyes off this father and son any more!

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