Ogiya Hagi, worried about Watabe’s future, immediately baptized him with “toilet tinkering | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Ogiya Hagi, worried about Watabe’s future, immediately baptized him with “toilet tinkering

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Ken Watabe of “Un-jash” will return to the stage on February 15 for the first time in 606 days. His words and actions are attracting a lot of attention, but…

“Watabe-san, can you come back next week?”

I’m sure the toilets at TBS are fine.

The comedy duo “Ogiya Hagi” roughly congratulated “Un-jash” Ken Watabe on his comeback on “Ogiya Hagi no Megane Biiki” (TBS Radio) broadcast on February 10.

Watabe had been refraining from his activities after it was reported that he had an affair with several women in a “multipurpose toilet” and other places, but he is finally scheduled to return on the 15th with “Monochrome Un-jash” (Chiba TV).

In the next episode of B/W Un-jash, Un-jash Kazuya Kazushima and Un-jash Ken Watabe, who is returning to the show after an absence of one year and eight months, will talk about the past and the future.

On the official Twitter page of “B/W”, it was announced that they would be talking about the history of the show, along with a picture of the two “Un-jash” standing with a mysterious look on their faces. In the event that you have any questions regarding where and the best way to get in touch with your loved ones, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Ogiya Hagi is the junior colleague of Ken Watabe of Un-jash and belongs to the same office. They are both juniors and comrades-in-arms. On the radio, he congratulated Watabe while worrying about his stance.

I’m glad you’re doing well. I’m sure there will be some people who feel uncomfortable.

“Don’t be so cheerful. If you make a joke out of the commotion, even I will hate you. I think he’s doing a good job the first time.

Yahagi said that now that he has a wife and children of his own, “Watabe’s teasing style has changed. The two expressed their feelings.

However, this is not the end of the story for Ogiyaagi.

After his return to Chiba TV, he proposed, “Will you come to TBS next week? The hurdles for commercial TV stations are high due to sponsorship and other factors, but the topic of how far radio should go was discussed.

He said, “J-WAVE (where Watabe was a regular in the past) is absolutely impossible. I can’t go to J-WAVE (where Watabe was a regular in the past), because I have to use the multi-purpose restroom on my way home from J-WAVE.

I’m sure the restroom at TBS (Radio) is fine. I haven’t heard that they did it on the way back from J-WAVE. You haven’t done it yet.

He said, “I’m sure the TBS (radio) restroom is fine.

He pretended that he couldn’t tease me because of his wife and children, but he did tease me a lot (laughs). (laughs) But this was probably out of love for “Ogiyahaagi. I don’t think Mr. Watabe will be able to come back if he really has to stop teasing. As a comedian, the key is to be able to turn this adversity into laughter. I’m sure there are many other comedians who are itching to tease Watabe.

There are many other comedians who are itching to mess with Mr. Watabe.

In the past, Watabe made it his life’s work to have an affair.

(Sports newspaper reporter). Will he be able to turn this into a form of “misogi” by having his fellow comedians tease him?

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