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Fukatsu, Nagasaku, Kanno: “The overwhelming aura of actresses” who have made brilliant transitions from idols

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Fukatsu and his partner, stylist Haruhisa Shirayama, walking down the street at night under a shared umbrella in July 2006.

NHK’s serial TV series “Kamukamu evuribadi” in which the third heroine, Rina Kawase, appeared in the 71st episode broadcast on February 10, continues to do well.

The series of scenes full of happiness in the family made “#CamCameverybody” trend on Twitter for a while. The story of three generations of grandmothers, mothers, and daughters who have lived through the Showa era, the Heisei era, and the 2040s with Radio English Conversation Course has become a hit.

Eri Fukatsu (49), who plays the second heroine Rui Otsuki, is probably the driving force behind the popularity of the show. Initially, there were some concerns about her role as a 17- to 18-year-old who is more than 30 years away from her real age, but Fukatsu played the role beautifully.

Although she has never played baseball before, her pitching form is perfect in the catching scene, and her gentle look at her husband, Joe Odagiri, draws viewers in, and her reputation as an actress is on the rise. It is hard to believe that this is her first appearance in a serial drama in 13 years. It’s hard to believe that she hasn’t appeared in a drama series in 13 years.

It’s like she’s moving forward a few steps.

Nagasaku walking with her husband, filmmaker Maro Naito, on the streets of Ginza in May 2009.

In May 2009, Nagasaku and her husband, filmmaker Maro Naito, were seen in Ginza, Tokyo. in the second half of 2010. The story depicts the frustrations and challenges of the heroine Mai (Haruka Fukuhara), who is on her way to her dream after meeting and parting with many people in the commercial town of Higashi Osaka and the Goto Islands in Nagasaki. The key person in the story will be Hiromi Nagasaku (51), who plays Mai’s mother. Nagasaku made the following comment after her role was cast.

In my imagination, the sea of Goto in Nagasaki Prefecture, with the wind blowing through it, looked very beautiful. I hope that I can deliver such a morning to the viewers of this film, where the wind blows lightly and you feel lighter than usual and can take a few steps forward. But it’s the wind. I think I am sometimes agitated by it. Please enjoy it too.

Megumi, played by Nagasaku, always has a gentle attitude and continues to protect the main character, Mai.

Fukatsu and Nagasaku, who both give good performances in morning dramas, have one thing in common. Both started their careers in the entertainment industry as idols. Fukatsu made her debut as a singer under the name “Rie Takahara” and “Rie Mizuhara,” while Nagasaku was active in the popular group “ribbon.

There are many actors who became famous actresses from idols. There are many actors who became famous actresses from idols, including Rie Miyazawa (48), who was a top idol. Miho Kanno (44), Hikari Mitsushima (36), and Ryoko Shinohara (48) are also former idols.

Ms. Kanno made her debut in the entertainment industry after passing an audition for the Sakura-kko Club Sakura-gumi. Ms. Mitsushima joined the seven-member dance group “Folder” under the name HIKARI, and also became a member of the successor girl group “Folder 5. Ms. Shinohara was a member of the “Tokyo Performance Doll.

Why were they able to make it big not only as idols but also as actresses?

There are two reasons. First, because they didn’t start out as actresses only. They have flexibility. Like Ms. Nagasaku, who plays the mother of the heroine, she can comfortably play a supporting role even though she is a famous actress. No matter what kind of role she plays, she does it with aplomb, and this gives her a sense of freedom in her performance.

The second is that she feels freshness in her work as an actress and is not particular about where she works. For example, Ms. Miyazawa has done many stage performances as well as movies and TV dramas. Recently, she and her husband, Go Morita, formerly of V6, established a new agency. She has been generously sharing her experience as an actress with Mr. Morita, who is now focusing on acting, and giving him her full support.

These famous actresses show a different brilliance from the teenagers and 20-somethings who were active as idols. The various experiences they’ve had have probably made them more attractive.

Miyazawa and her husband, Morita, on their way to their car in the parking lot after dinner.
Kanno riding her mamachari around Tokyo in April 2008.
Mitsushima on an outing with her sister, model Minami (right), photographed in September 2001.
Shinohara leaving the spa. She looks so beautiful, even with almost no makeup on! Taken in February 2006.
Fukatsu and Takuya Kimura on the set of the drama “CHANGE” in April 2008.
Nagasaku gives a bouquet of flowers to director Spike Jonze at an event for the movie “Where the Wild Things Are” in Tokyo in December 2009.
Miyazawa and Morita enjoying a date before their marriage, taken in May 2008.
Husband and wife Masato Sakai and Kanno play in the park. Sakai was having a great time on the swing set.
After the first round of the drama launch, Mitsushima sends off his ally Fumi Nikaido with a smile.
Shinohara’s date at an Italian restaurant. Her husband, Ichimura Masachika, was gently escorting his heavy wife.
Fukatsu is shopping at a convenience store in Tokyo, photographed in March 2004.
Miyazawa pushing a cart. A gold ring shines on the ring finger of her left hand.
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