Zagitova’s “friendship shot with Nobunari Oda” is released and fans are delighted…! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Zagitova’s “friendship shot with Nobunari Oda” is released and fans are delighted…!

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Russia’s Alina Zagitova, who won the gold medal in the women’s figure skating at the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics, has been generating a lot of buzz on her Instagram account with her “friendly two-shot with Nobunari Oda”.

They look so close in this shot…! Even if you’re not a fan, you can’t help but be a little impressed.

Zagitova used the Stories feature on her Instagram to publish the photo. The two are posing together in front of the entrance to the venue of the Beijing Olympics, which is currently being held, with their left hands on their hips and their right hands raised high in a matching pose. They both have nice smiles and look cute. The fans who know them both said, “Wonderful! The fans who know both of them are shouting with joy.

By the way, Zagitova is wearing a blue down jacket and tight black pants. Her thick-soled sneakers are very impressive.

Zagitova is no longer active as an athlete, so why did she come to Beijing?

Actually, Zakitova came to Beijing as a media reporter.

After the last Olympics in PyeongChang, Zagitova’s performance slumped due to poor health, and she decided to suspend her participation in competitions. In such a situation, she has been participating in ice shows and other events, but she made a splash at the recent “Figure Skating Russian Championships” by participating as a member of the media. At the age of 15, the same age that Zagitova won the gold in the Olympics, she won her first championship and congratulated the rising star Kamila Walieva, who has won an unofficial bid for the Beijing Olympics.

Zagitova is expected to be a reporter for the Beijing Olympics following the Russian Championships.

Zagitova posted a photo on her Instagram with an ice rink in the background. She spread her arms in a pleasant manner and said, “Beijing 2022! This is where the Olympics will start. I miss it. I’m so happy to be able to immerse myself in this atmosphere again,” she wrote.

Although they may be in different positions, the field of news reporting must also be a serious business. I hope that Zagitova will be able to do the kind of reporting that only she can do. ……!

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