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Introducing the “must-buy” super high-spec and strongest good deal appliances of 2022!

Catching up on Metaverse-related products that are seriously recommended by home appliance comedian YUUKIROCK and his army of experts!

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Even with the Covid-19 disaster, the world of home appliances is healthy. Sales are increasing due to nest egg demand, and they are evolving tremendously. However, it is still difficult to grasp the performance of all the huge variety of products. That’s why we decided to conduct an in-depth interview with the home appliance comedian YUUKIROCK and other experts. We’ve compiled a list of “must-have” home appliances, from ultra-high-performance household appliances to the latest devices for the metaverse era and easy self-catering items for single people.

VR Goggles (Oculus) Oculus Quest 2 37,180 yen

The latest model of VR goggles. Expected to enter the gaming industry in earnest.

The “Top 10” as selected by consumer electronics comedians

(TV Asahi) as a home electronics comedian. (TV Asahi) as a comedian of home electronics, Mr. YUUKIROCK, one of the “Three Brothers of Home Appliances. (TV Asahi) as a home electronics comedian. After informing him of the purpose of the project, Yuki immediately invited Ximoto to the Yodobashi Camera Shinjuku Nishiguchi Main Store. The first place he went was to the VR related products section.

He said, “Here, here, here. The first thing I’d like to introduce is the Oculus Quest 2 (pictured above), which allows you to experience the latest in VR. The biggest feature of this product is that it is an all-in-one product. There is no need to connect devices to each other or to a computer, so it’s really easy.

Oculus, the company that makes these goggles, was acquired by Facebook (now Meta) for its next-generation virtual space service “Metaverse,” which it plans to develop as a new business. You can watch YouTube and Netflix, and it has a search function. This is the only gear that can do that and still be in the low 30,000 yen range!

Leaving Ximoto to be overwhelmed by Yuki’s sudden high tension, Yuki said, “Next, let’s go see the latest smartphones that I use too,” and went to the cell phone section. What he picked up was a foldable phone.

One of the features of SAMSUNG’s Galaxy Z Fold3 5G (second photo) is that it is a high-spec phone that can perform multiple functions. You can use it as a regular smartphone, but when you open it up, it becomes about the size of an A6 and can replace an iPad. I’m 49 years old, and I’m having a hard time with my aging eyes. I’m 49 years old and I’m having a hard time with my presbyopia, so I’m sure you don’t understand it yet, but it’s nice to have a big screen. You can use it as a notebook with a special pen, and it can also be used as a wallet since it supports smartphone payments. When I go out, this is all I need. I’ve been using it since the first generation came out in ’19!

Yuki moved on to the camera section on the same floor, where he picked up a small camera.

This is the Canon PowerShot ZOOM (third picture), and it’s actually a telescope. It’s actually a telescope, and you can take videos and photos while looking through it. You can do everything from changing the magnification to taking pictures with one hand, so it’s a great tool for your child’s field day.

Next, Yuki introduced the latest earphones from Shokz, “Aeropex” (4th picture), which he has been eyeing for a long time.

This is really amazing! It’s called bone conduction, and it delivers sound by shaking the inside of the ear directly through vibrations in the cheekbones, not the eardrums. This technology itself has been around for a long time, but the quality has improved dramatically. Because they don’t completely cover your ears, you can hear what’s going on around you even when you use them outside. They are also waterproof, and can be put in water for 30 minutes without breaking. It’s a great companion for sweaty runs.

Mr. Yuki said, “Try them on and see if you are fooled. I put it on and tried it on. . Clear music came pouring in. The sound quality was absolutely perfect. I could hear Yuki’s explanation very well.

My wife has one, and she uses it when she teleworks. My wife has one and she uses it when she teleworks. If you have small children, you can hear their cries if something happens during the ZOOM meeting. I highly recommend it.”

Cell phone (SAMSUNG) Galaxy Z Fold3 5G 237,565 yen

A phone, tablet, organizer, and wallet that can do multiple jobs. Yuki also loves it.

Camera (Canon) PowerShotZOOM 35,750 yen

A black version appeared at the end of last year. This latest camera is expected to become part of a series.

Earphones (Shokz) Aeropex 19,990 yen

Dramatic improvement in sound quality has made this product a big hit. Perfect for listening to music while taking a bath.

The unstoppable evolution of home appliances

The Yodobashi Camera Shinjuku Nishiguchi flagship store is “one of my favorite electronics stores,” says Yuki, who walks through the sales floor as if it were his own home. He walked through the sales floor as if he were in his own home, sometimes offering a helping hand to the clerk in charge of showing him around the floor, “Oh, isn’t it closer this way? Sometimes, I would even ask the clerk who was showing me around the floor for help. The next stop was the refrigerator section, with a surprised Ximoto in the background.

Next up was the AQUA AQR-TZ51K (5th picture). It has a freezer that’s too big. With the increasing number of people living in huts due to the coronavirus, the 180-liter capacity is a reassuring ally. Last year, I bought 150 bags of frozen gyoza from Gyoza no Ohsho, and there was no room to spare. It also has a quick freeze function that chills the food at minus 30 degrees Celsius to keep it fresh, and a function to prevent “freezer burn,” which causes frost to form. It was a great success for me to buy a new one.

There is one product in the vacuum cleaner section that Yuki is most interested in out of all the home appliances.

When I ask people I know who are familiar with home appliances, “Which home appliance would you seriously recommend without any consideration? they all mention Shark’s “EVOPOWER EX” (the sixth one). The latest model, released in June last year, has twice the suction power of the previous model. It is one of the best handy cleaners in the market. Moreover, it is light at 680g. The design is sophisticated and the price is in the 20,000 yen range. It seems that many people choose it as a gift.”

Yuki recommends a dishwasher as “an appliance that will make you happy if you buy it.

Yuki recommends dishwashers as “an appliance that will make you happy if you buy it,” saying, “I use one, and it’s so easy. I recommend the “SDW-J5L” from SKEI Japan (7th picture). The best feature is that the water tank is removable. Other products require you to fill a plastic bottle or something with about 5 liters of water, but this is convenient because you can hold the entire tank and fill it like a humidifier. Of course, no installation work is required. It’s also inexpensive, so if you buy one, you’ll be happy for sure!

Finally, he gave us a list of three household appliances that are useful to have.

First, humidifiers. The one I’m looking at is the Shizuku mini from Apix (picture 8). It’s compact enough to be placed on a tabletop, but the humidification volume is sufficient at 250 mL per hour. It also comes with an aroma tray, so it can be used as a diffuser.
For an espresso machine, I recommend the DeLonghi ECAM23120 (9th picture). Only products sold in Japan have the “Cafe Giappone” function, which creates a taste that is to Japanese tastes.

The last one is the “Crispy Crunchy Queue” (10th picture) from Shima Sangyo, a garbage can specially designed for food waste. It is an eco-friendly product that dries food waste and reduces its weight to about one-fifth. This is the solution to odors and flies. The dried food scraps can also be used as fertilizer.

These are Yuki’s “Top 10 Recommended Home Appliances. After about two hours of touring home appliances, Yuki disappeared into Shinjuku at night with a satisfied look on his face.

Refrigerator (AQUA) AQR-TZ51K 160,600 yen

The freezer has a large capacity, but the depth is short enough that even a woman can easily reach the back.

Vacuum cleaner (Shark) EVOPOWER.EX ¥27,770

The suction power is so strong that it’s hard to believe it’s a handheld. Garbage disposal is completed with the touch of a button.

Dishwasher (SKEI Japan) SDW-J5L 37,580 yen

High water-saving performance. Only about a quarter of the water needed for hand washing is needed to clean dishes.

Humidifier (APICS) Shizuku mini 4,380 yen

High design and good cost performance. The series has sold a total of 3.23 million units.

Espresso machine (Delonghi) ECAM23120 79,800 yen

Easy to operate and requires only once-a-month maintenance. Recommended for beginners.

Garbage can (Shima Sangyo) Crispy Queue 47,550 yen

A popular product by a garbage disposal specialist. Processes food waste in as little as 4 hours.

Top 10 white goods selected by experts

There are many more must-have home appliances for 2010. There are too many to list, so we asked experts to carefully select the major household appliances of “TVs,” “rice cookers,” “refrigerators,” “vacuum cleaners,” and “washing machines” in two categories: performance and cost performance. Home appliance writer Haruka Kuramoto begins with an explanation of the most advanced TVs.

He says, “In terms of ease of use, the REGZA X9400 series is by far the best, with its “Mirukore” function, which uses AI to recommend programs of your choice, and the “Hands-free REGZA Voice” function, which lets you enjoy the program you want to watch by simply saying the program name to the TV itself. The “Hands-free Regza Voice” function makes it easy to select programs. It is also wonderful to see the tight and beautiful images created by the ‘perfect black’ made possible by OLED.

Mr. Tsuyoshi Nakamura (an employee of TEPCO Energy Partner), who won the “Super Home Appliance Connoisseur Championship” on TV Champion (TV Tokyo) and is known as the “Home Appliance King,” told us about a refrigerator that is too high-spec. He told us about a refrigerator that is too high-spec.

The “Smart Stocker R-KC11R” can check the remaining amount of food by connecting to a smartphone app. All you have to do is register the foods you want to manage, and when the remaining amount is low, you will receive a notification on your phone. This is very helpful in preventing you from forgetting to buy something. And if you make it compatible with Amazon’s Smart Reorder, it will even automatically order the product before it runs out.

We can’t take our eyes off the most powerful home appliances in terms of cost. Mr. Kuramoto, mentioned above, said.

My recommendation is the RC-PC30-W rice cooker. Its main feature is the weight meter built into the body. It estimates the calorie content based on the weight of the rice that you have brought in and tells you. When cooking rice, it also tells you the best amount of water to use for the weight of the rice, which is very convenient.

Useful high-tech appliances

Let’s take a look at some useful home appliances that are not major, but are sure to enrich our lives. Mr. Daiki Tsuji of the editorial department of MONOQLO magazine recommends the OPPO Band Style, a smartwatch that helps you exercise and improve the quality of your sleep. The feature of the watch is its advanced sleep and breathing analysis when linked to a dedicated app.

It provides detailed and excellent sleep analysis, and based on the data, it gives you advice on how to sleep properly. The price is less than 5,000 yen, so it’s perfect for people who are interested in a smartwatch but are hesitant to spend 20,000 to 30,000 yen. Mr. Nakamura

Mr. Nakamura mentioned a robot called “BOCCO emo”. In this age of smartphones, it is becoming more and more difficult to communicate smoothly with the elderly and children who are not proficient in using them. This robot can be a bridge between them.

The robot is operated by voice, making it easy for children and the elderly to use. It can convert spoken messages into text and send them to a family member’s smartphone, or play back messages sent to “BOCCO” from outside the home. It helps to lubricate communication between family members.

In a way, the smart sewing machine that Kuramoto is promoting had the greatest impact.

The Luminaire XP1 is a very high-tech sewing machine,” he said. It is equipped with a projector and a scanner, and can project marks on the fabric for correct sewing, or scan your own illustrations for embroidery. The price is a whopping 2.2 million yen!”

Recently, there has been a growing demand for single-person appliances to accompany the Covid-19 disaster’s nest egg lifestyle. Mr. Kuramoto continues.

The world’s thinnest hot plate, MAGIC GRILL, is selling well. The plate is only 3 mm thick and the legs are removable with magnets, so it takes up very little space when stored. The plate is only 3mm thick, and the legs are removable with magnets, so it doesn’t take up much space when stored, but it can raise the maximum temperature to 250 degrees.

Home bakeries are also selling well. Among them, the “Bistro SD-MDX4,” which adjusts the fermentation time according to the room temperature and other factors, is a hot topic, but Nakamura’s personal focus is the function to bake delicious low-sugar bread.

Mr. Nakamura’s personal favorite is the ability to bake low-sugar bread. I also use it, and I like the fact that it runs quietly.

A different type of green tea maker is also gaining popularity. Mr. Tsuji said.

Mr. Tsuji says, “Matcha is becoming more and more popular as people become more health-conscious, and the MATCHA MAKER allows you to enjoy authentic matcha by grinding the tea leaves directly instead of using powder.

The latest home appliances that make life healthier and more enjoyable have evolved to this point.

10 Recommended Lifestyle Appliances

Smartwatch (OPPO) Band Style 4,480 yen (right) Communication robot (Yucai Engineering) BOCCO emo 44,000 yen (left)

The watch can be used for 12 days without recharging and is highly waterproof. In addition to sleeping, it’s also a great companion for exercise (Band Style) In addition to bridging with your smartphone, it also works in a variety of other situations, such as reminding you of your schedule by voice (BOCCO emo)

High-end sewing machine (Brother Industries, Ltd.) Luminaire XP1 2.2 million yen (right) Air purifier (Blue Air) DustMagnet 62,700 yen (left)

Because the design can be projected directly onto the fabric, even complex patterns can be sewn without error (Luminaire XP1) The suction port on the bottom of the machine also allows it to accurately approach the area 30 cm above the floor where dust tends to drift (DustMagnet)

Projector (popIn) opIn Aladdin2 99,800 yen

The projector and light are integrated into one unit, so it’s easy to place.

Teppan for One Person (abien) MAGIC GRILL 19,800 yen

The teppan is 30 x 40 cm. It is so compact that it can be stored in a space about 6 cm wide.

Home bakery (Panasonic) Home Bakery Bistro 1-pound type 51,700 yen (right) Hitori-sama fryer (Ryson) Hitori fryer 0.6L 1980 yen (left)

Thoroughly pursue the kneading and fermentation methods. It can also make fresh bread, which is very popular right now (Home Bakery Bistro) Compact design that fits into a 20cm square. You can cook with the lid on and no oil will fly out (Hitori Fryer 0.6L)

Hitorisama Kettle (THANKO) Hitorisama Mug Kettle 5,480 yen (right) Matcha Machine (Cuzen Matcha) MATCHAMAKER 33,000 yen (left)

Functions as the name suggests. The temperature can be adjusted in three stages, and it also has a heat retention function (single-serving mug kettle).

Beware of disappointing appliances!

We have introduced some exciting new home appliances, but there are some products that are too high-tech for the uninitiated to master. Let’s hear what the staff at mass merchandisers, who know both the pros and cons, have to say.

Home cleaning machines

This latest closet-type appliance deodorizes, wrinkles and dries your clothes just by putting them in it, but its biggest drawback is its size.

It’s just too big (laughs). (laughs) The LG styler, our most popular model, is slim at 45cm wide, but its height and depth are the same as a 475L family refrigerator, so you have to choose where to put it. At 100,000 yen, it’s expensive, but I’m not sure if it’s worth the price.

Automatic cooking pot

The dream-like concept of a pot that automatically cooks food when you put ingredients in it and cover it with a lid is popular, but it has a surprising pitfall. Another staff member at a mass retailer said.

It just takes a long time. It takes almost 15 minutes to boil an egg in the representative model, the “Healthio Hot Cook. Also, there are a lot of parts, such as the inner lid and steam vent cover, and cleaning is difficult. It’s a great product that does all the cooking automatically, but I want people to know that it takes time and effort.

Ear buds with camera

By connecting to a special app, you can clean your ears while looking at the inside of your ears on the screen of your phone. Surprisingly, there are a lot of people who want to know what’s going on inside their ears, and this is attracting a lot of attention. However, a mid-career editor of a magazine specializing in consumer electronics said, “It’s a problem before the function.

In the BeBird X17 Pro, the part that connects the head to the body that touches the entrance of the ear heats up, so it can only be cleaned for a short time. There have been problems with other companies’ products as well, such as the app communicating data with the outside world without permission when the device is not in use.

Let’s wait for further evolution.

From left to right: ear buds with camera, automatic cooking pot, and home cleaning machine.

From “FRIDAY” February 11, 2022 issue

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