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One after another, 100 million yen players…! Covid-19 disaster does not stop the “host bubble

Chihuahua Sasaki, 4 years since the end of 2024, Kabukicho is now...... Part 4

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A host I know, Mugi Awatani, has achieved 100 million yen in sales for four consecutive years. Even the Covid-19 disaster didn’t dampen his sales. The bubble never ends.

The Covid-19 vortex is making things difficult for host clubs, isn’t it?

Recently, I am often asked this question by my acquaintances. However, I always have one thing to say.

No, no, the host industry is in the midst of a bubble.

The biggest host group in Kabukicho, “groupdandy”, has more than 50 stores. groupdandy (a.k.a. Guldan), the largest host group in Kabukicho with more than 50 stores, had more than 30 hosts who sold more than 100 million yen in one year last year, which is the largest number in Guldan’s history.

In addition, last year, the number of hosts who sold more than 100 million yen in one year exceeded 30, the highest number in the history of Gulldandy. Last year, Masaki Furuya of the same group rewrote the record sales of 330 million yen in 2007 (set by Natsuki Shibuya of the Fuyutsuki Group). The amount was 520 million yen. If this is not a host bubble, I don’t know what to call it.

Ten years ago, if a host sold 10 million yen a year, it would be the talk of the town, and hosts from other stores would come to observe. Nowadays, however, 10 million yen is the starting point, and the benchmark for hosts is how to maintain sales and sell “millions” in a year.

As for myself, after I finally spent some money on the host in charge and thought, “Now I can relax with him next month. ……,” he immediately contacted me to say hello again next month. A friend of mine who has been going to host clubs for several years also lamented this.

I’ve been hooked on hosts since I was 19, and I’m 24 now. I’ve been working in the sex industry to pay tribute to the hosts. The older I get, the harder it gets to work in the sex industry, and until I was over 20, being young was worth a lot, and I could usually make 100,000 yen a day if I went to work. But now, I have to update my photo diary every day or advertise on Twitter frequently to get customers. I really have to work more overtime.

The host in charge of me says, “Why don’t you start working with your dad? But I don’t want to do that because it’s a form of dating. However, I think the hosts don’t want a girl who can make a lot of money as a daddy. Hosts are getting more and more inflated, and even if I contribute a million yen a month, they don’t take good care of me at all.

Host clubs used to be a place of relaxation for ladies, but now it is said that more than half of their customers are sex workers or cabaret girls. In many cases, ordinary girls start working at night in order to raise money for host fees.

They start working at night to pay off their hosts, and they spend all the money they earn without hesitation. Of course, they want to make their host number one. But there are more and more girls who see the value in the act of “spending a huge amount of money on a host” itself, and in fact, they frequently boast about their spending on social media. It is probably because of these children that the host industry is experiencing inflation year after year despite the Covid-19 disaster.

The host clubs also spare no effort to keep such customers in line. In order to make people think that the club is fun and worth spending money at, it is important to create an extraordinary space with luxurious interior, flashy champagne calls, and huge advertising fees. The major host clubs are all making large investments, and there are many stores in Kabukicho now that have interior decoration costs of over 100 million yen.

With the emergence of Omicron stock, many host clubs are refraining from business, but this will not stop the bubble. Hosts who have time off from work invite several girls a day to their homes to have sex with them, and sometimes they even go to the soaps where their own customers work to make pillow fights in order to keep their customers.

With the changing clientele, the development of social networking sites, and the host’s? I’m sure you’ll agree. …….’ It seems that the host bubble will continue to accelerate in 2010.

Chihuahua Sasaki

Born in Tokyo in 2000.
After attending an integrated school in Tokyo from elementary to high school, he went on to Keio University, where he attended Kabukicho from the age of 15 and has a wide range of contacts.
At university, he is studying the sociology of downtown areas including Kabukicho.
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From the February 11, 2022 issue of FRIDAY

  • Reporting and writing by Chihuahua Sasaki

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