Maya Kobayashi deletes a lot of “photos with her spiritual husband”, a meaningful action | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Maya Kobayashi deletes a lot of “photos with her spiritual husband”, a meaningful action

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Maya Kobayashi plays with Bin Bin and Botan, the children of Ebizo and Mao. They have hardly seen each other since their marriage…

The celebrity Maya Kobayashi has deleted a large number of photos from her Instagram page, and as of February 9, there were only four photos. What on earth happened to her?

Kobayashi’s husband is Gin Kunimitsu, aka Akira, an osteopath and spiritual counselor. It was reported in some quarters that they were in the midst of divorce talks and were living separately. However, in November last year, it was reported that she was living with Akira again.

Kobayashi’s sister, Mao’s husband, Ebizo Ichikawa, has not made any statement about his marriage to Akira.

After Maya’s separation from Akira, her relationship with Ebizo finally improved, and she was able to meet his children, Botan and Binsen. It was posted on their blogs that they were happy to see each other again.

However, Mr. Ebizo must have mixed feelings now that he is living with Akira again. He doesn’t seem to have a good opinion of Akira…” (Wide show insider)

In the midst of all this, Kobayashi deleted most of the photos on Instagram, as if to clear up the past. But that’s not all. Kobayashi even moved her blog, where she had written about her various memories with her husband, to a new location.

I thought that the crisis had come again, but it seems that this is not the case. In fact, there was a very meaningful development. There is only one photo from the past on Kobayashi’s Instagram from August 11, 2006. In that photo, she wrote

“Wedding celebration dinner (heart)”.

(heart). In fact, this is a photo of her celebrating her own marriage.

There is a parfait with fireworks in front of him, and Kobayashi is all smiles. The person sitting across from him is probably Akira, although only his hands are visible.

Although she decided to delete the photo and move her blog to start from scratch, she probably kept this post to let her fans know that her husband is an important part of her life. Furthermore, this is not the only appeal that they are not in disagreement; the photo they posted on the night of the 8th is of a pink Louis Vuitton bag. In this post, she wrote

He bought me a Valentine’s Day gift and gave me a thank you note. I’m always happy to receive a gift.

It is written as follows. It doesn’t say who gave her the gift, but from the look of the text, it’s natural to assume that it came from her husband.

If they got along so well, why did she delete so many photos from her past? I’m sure some of her fans are concerned. In the comments to the post, some people asked, “Why did you delete the past photos? Are you okay? I don’t know what he was thinking. It may be that he will eventually reveal what he was thinking…” (Sports journalist)

By the way, Akira’s blog is still the same as before, with a picture of him and Kobayashi on the home page. What kind of change has occurred in their minds? Is it a “fresh start,” or does it have another meaning? Either way, there is no doubt that their days together are still attracting attention.

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