The spirit of Hirako and Higashi Bukuro, who came forward to “find a comedian” in Hikaru’s fury | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The spirit of Hirako and Higashi Bukuro, who came forward to “find a comedian” in Hikaru’s fury

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Hikaru has lost his temper over a comedian who made fun of him on his YouTube show. The Internet is abuzz with the “A search”…

It’s me, isn’t it?

The other day, popular YouTube star Hikaru posted a video on his YouTube channel titled, “I ate a Big Mac with the early members of my group and all my emotions came out. This site also reported that he snapped at a certain mid-career comedian, A, in the video.

According to the video, Hikaru had a dinner with A, who was brought by an acquaintance. The video shows Hikaru having dinner with A, who was brought by an acquaintance. In the TV world, there’s Downtown, and there’s no such legend on YouTube. Hikaru didn’t reveal A’s name, but he did reveal a number of conditions that made him lose his temper.

According to Hikaru, A is an “Araphor” and halfway successful. He explained that he had never seen him involved with Downtown, had never seen him at the M-1 Grand Prix, and had only seen him on a few regular shows.

Furthermore, I don’t know if A will be able to survive in the entertainment industry in the future. I’ve never thought he was funny, but he says some good things.

On the Internet and elsewhere, the “search for the culprit” to find out who this “A” was was going on. Then, a comedian finally came forward with his name.

I’m Yuki Hirako of the comedy duo Arko & Peace. Around the time this news broke, several acquaintances contacted me saying, “Mr. Hirako, did you have dinner with Hikaru? (Wide show insider).

Hirako revealed the whole story on “Arko & Peace D.C. Garage” (TBS Radio) broadcast on August 8.

Hirako said she didn’t know about the “Hikaru rage riots,” but several acquaintances saw the features of comedian A and thought it must be Hirako, so they called her. And when Hirako looked at the criteria one by one on the Internet news, she realized that “90% of them apply to me.

She laughed at the one that said, “It’s not funny, but you have to say something good.

This is me. It has to be me, it’s so true.

I can’t help but wonder if Hikaru-san was there when we were drinking.

“It could be me in the multiverse.”

He said.

Hirako-san said she had no recollection of the incident, but since it was too obvious, she came forward and said it was her. Hirako-san has a YouTube channel called “Hirako Shopping Club” with about 20,000 registered users, and she jokingly said that she would ask Hikaru-san, who has 4.69 million registered users, to collaborate with her. He jokingly mentioned that he might ask Hikaru, who has 4.69 million subscribers, to collaborate with him.

In the end, Hirako used the commotion as a topic of conversation. Naturally, the more people talk about it, the better off she is. Perhaps with the same aim, Higashi Bukuro of the popular duo “Saraba Seishun no Hikari” also came forward to say that it was him and released an apology video. In a sense, it’s a kind of “big comedy” in which Hikaru’s anger is used to generate laughter.

Now, who is this “A” who made Hikaru so angry? The public’s expectations for Hikaru’s direct confrontation with A are only rising.

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