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Howling “Party-chan”! From AD to leader of the comedy world.

A unique trio makes a big breakthrough at the beginning of the year with "Funko-so"! A comedy unit consisting of a charlatan and a gal talks about their "surprisingly serious dream.

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“Hello~. I’m Party-chan.”

Have you ever heard of the unique comedian trio “Party-chan” consisting of a charlatan and two gals? As soon as they were formed in April 2009, they started appearing on TV one after another. At the beginning of this year, they appeared in “Gurunai Omoshiroso: Give the Younger Guys a Chance! Who’s the breakout comedian of the year? They are attracting attention as comedians who will break out this year.

The appeal of their material is the free-spirited banter of the two gals Nobuko (photo on the right) and Kyonchii Kaneko (photo on the left) and the rude comedy of the flirtatious Sugachan Supreme No. 1 (30). However, contrary to their artistic style, they initially wanted to perform orthodox manzai.

After Hiroyuki Ariyoshi compared them to the “Yasuda Circus of Japan,” Suga (center) was called “Dancho” by fans.

Kyonchii: “I wanted to do manzai like ‘Ginshari’ and ‘Wagyu’. But Suga-chan told me that what I wanted to do and what I could do were two different things (laughs). I guess my rival is …… Michopa.”

Nobuko: “I started out as a comedian because I wanted to be a tsukomi like Ryota Yamasato of Nankai Candies, who I saw on M-1, but when I joined my current unit, I was forced to stop being a tsukomi immediately! (laughs). (laughs) These days, I also admire Zakiyama (Hiroya Yamazaki) of “Untouchable.

Suga-chan’s best No.1: “I used to work for a TV production company, and I was such a useless AD that I would ring the emergency bell in the studio during live broadcasts. But if my mistakes were funny, my bosses would make fun of them and forgive me at drinking parties. I realized that laughter is the most powerful thing, so I formed a duo with my colleagues from the production company at the time. Nobuko and Chonchii were also doing manzai together, but it wasn’t fucking funny. Twenty years later, after I broke up the duo, we formed a trio by joining them.’

One of their charms is the gap between their flashy appearance, which tends to attract attention, and their well-crafted material.

Suga: “I really wanted to do a story with a flirtatious character, but ‘EXIT’ came out first. I also wanted to do a sound story, but “Kitsune” was sold first, too. But I had always had a yearning for something cool, so I really wanted to do a flirtatious character. When I was in high school, I even applied for the “Junon Boy” contest by self-nomination disguised as a recommendation from another person.

In my search for a character, I used the composition of “Koutei” as a reference, and created a pose that represented the Yves Saint Laurent logo with my hands and a story that could be done quickly in the flow of conversation. It’s a way of aiming for a breakthrough in variety shows.

Kyon “What? But you said you were going to win the award race the other day. ……!

Suga: “Well, wait a minute. Of course, the essence of a comedian is well-crafted, award-winning material. Of course, the essence of being a comedian is well-crafted material that you would perform in an awards show. We are preparing to go to the semifinals this year, with an eye to winning the King of Comedy. It’s not just about being flirtatious (the three of us pose as Yves Saint-Laurent).

Less than a year has passed since their formation. Less than a year has passed since their formation, and we asked the ambitious group to tell us about their major goals for the future.

Kyon: “To be an MC for a morning information program. It’s even cooler when you look like this!

Nobuko: “I want to be a comedian who never slips up. Nobuko: “I want to be a comedian who never slips up. I became a comedian to buzz around the entertainment industry. I want to be a great MC!

Suga: “Winning awards is a must, isn’t it? I want to become a leader of the Tokyo comedy scene in the future. I want to create the best world where all comedians can sell! …… It’s my dream, so I can say whatever I want, right?

We have high expectations for the future of this new Japanese comedian.

Unpublished cut of the interview with Party-chan: “It’s not just flirtatious!
Interview with Party-chan: “It’s not just flirtatious” (unpublished cut)
Interview with Party-chan: “It’s not just flirtatious” (cut from an unreleased issue of the magazine)
Interview with Party-chan: “It’s Not Just Flirtatious” (cut from the original issue)

From FRIDAY February11, 2022 issue

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