Relatives and the president make a determined accusation! Shinichi Chiba’s belongings were taken out of the house without permission. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Relatives and the president make a determined accusation! Shinichi Chiba’s belongings were taken out of the house without permission.

Relatives of the Maeda family, his attorney, and the president of his office testify in the third installment of the solo pursuit.

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Film costumes, photos, and autographs suddenly disappear from his home…

In addition to photographs, the house contained costumes, scripts, props, and oil paintings that Chiba had used in the filming of his movies.

On August 19 last year, Shinichi Chiba (82 years old) passed away from pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus. In addition to his death, fans were shocked by the fact that two memorial services were held for him on 49th day of his life, and that a “memorial service” and a “farewell party” were held separately (the “memorial service” was postponed due to the spread of the new Covid infection).

What saddened her fans the most was that her eldest daughter, Juri Manase, 47, of Chiba, hosted the “memorial service” while her eldest son, Serious Tasuku Nitta, 25, and second son, Go Udon Maeda, 22, sent messages to the “farewell party.

Weekly women’s magazines, evening newspapers, and TV shows made a fuss about it, calling it a “feud between sisters”, a “flesh-and-bone feud”, and a “breakup of the family”, but the facts were completely different.

Chiba and her children in the past. From left to right: Serious Tasuku, Juri, and Atsushi Goh. Although it was reported that the sisters and brothers are separated, they are still able to communicate with each other.

There are three key people in this trouble. There are three key players in this trouble: Chiba’s manager, Mr. A, the former JAC (Japan Action Club, now JAE), which Chiba founded, and the former JAC (Japan Action Company, now JAE). Mr. A, Chiba’s manager; Mr. B, a student of the former JAC (Japan Action Club, now Japan Action Enterprise), which Chiba founded, and an executive of the new JAC; and Mr. C, Chiba’s friend. C, Chiba’s friend, and other cronies. They held a memorial service for the 49th day and held a “farewell party” separately from the bereaved family. It was reported as if it was a legitimate memorial service, but in fact, it was not even a relative, but a stranger who was in charge.

The diagram below summarizes the complicated relationships surrounding Chiba and the events that followed his death, but an acquaintance of Chiba’s told FRIDAY, “Actually, there has been a serious incident that hasn’t come to light yet.

Chiba’s acquaintances told FRIDAY, “There is actually a serious incident that has not come to light yet,” “Costumes, photos, and handwritten notes from the movie have been taken out of Chiba’s house without his family’s permission. There is a rumor among former JAC graduates that ‘B’ took away a car full of his belongings at Mr. Chiba’s wake.

It’s hard to believe, but Chiba’s sister, Masako Maeda, admitted to FRIDAY, “It seems that quite a few things, including his costume, were taken away. Masako tells us.

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In addition, Mr. A has changed the locks on his house, and we relatives cannot even enter his house. Mr. A says that he changed the locks because there were signs of burglary, and that he should have shared the key with Juri, the mourner, but she is still locked out.

A stranger “sharing” her belongings

Who took out the belongings and for what purpose? According to Tetsuya Suzuki, the representative of Chiba’s agency, Astraia, “Around the day after Chiba’s death, his cronies started giving his belongings to mourners as a ‘memento’.

When I called B and warned him that this would be embezzlement, he said, ‘Serious Tasuku gave me his OK,’ and ‘What’s wrong with taking mementoes? (What’s wrong with taking my memorabilia? I can’t ask my seniors to return my belongings. When I asked A about it, he said, ‘I keep it in a box because I don’t want it to get damaged.

The problem is that both B and A took them out without Juri’s consent. The problem is that both B and A have been taking things out of the house without Juri’s consent. Serious Tasuku and Atsushi Goh renounced their inheritance in early October last year, and only Juri has the right to manage Chiba’s belongings.

The lawyer in charge of Chiba’s inheritance procedure, Yoshiaki Abe, admitted that Serious Tasuku and Atsushi Goh renounced their inheritance in October last year.

There are three types of inheritance: renunciation, approval and limited approval, but Juri chose limited approval. If you inherit but have more debts than property, you can use your property to pay off your debts and not inherit any other debts. I offered limited approval for the three sisters, but Serious and Atsushi Goh refused and renounced their inheritance.

As long as there is no will from Chiba saying “to whom and what shall be given,” whatever was in the house at the time of his death belongs to Chiba. The only person who can manage the property is the heir, Juri, and any belongings that are taken out must be returned to her.

However, at the end of October last year, on Tanimachi C’s Facebook page, there was a happy smile on his face as he and B presented Chiba’s belongings to an acquaintance.

‘Juri-san has to make an inventory of her estate for inheritance and repayment to her creditors. However, she was not even informed that the locks of her house had been changed. When A was accused by the people concerned that it was illegal for a third party to change the locks without permission, she made an excuse saying, “I asked Juri to return the key, but she didn’t, so I changed the locks. But Juri said, ‘He never asked me to return the key. He never contacted me in the first place, so I can’t say no.'” (Suzuki)

Incidentally, the aforementioned acquaintance of Chiba’s said

A friend of Chiba’s said, “I have seen the photos and karate clothes displayed at the farewell party held by Mr. A and his cronies at Chiba’s house. I think the old JAC jerseys and costumes were also in his wardrobe.

He said. In addition, two passenger cars that were in Chiba’s house have also been reported missing.

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“I changed the locks and the thieves got in.

What in the world is going on here? The following is a question-and-answer session between FRIDAY and Mr. A.

— “I heard that the belongings from Ms. Chiba’s home were taken out without her permission.

A: “That’s not true at all.”

–So, are all of her belongings still there?

A “Yes, there are. It’s just that they have been robbed. (It was reported in a weekly magazine. Mr. Chiba made a copy of the key in case something happened to him and gave it to his relatives who live nearby or to the former JAC. Juri-san and I both had them. Then, after Mr. Chiba passed away, there was a burglary and his belongings were still missing. They took something, but there were so many things that it was hard to tell what was stolen. So I changed the locks. It’s been fine ever since.”

According to “Shukan Josei,” Chiba’s house in Kimitsu was burglarized in late November last year. According to “Shukan Josei,” the burglars broke into Chiba’s house in Kimitsu in late November last year. The windows and doors were removed and the rooms were ransacked, but there were no signs of money or household goods being stolen, so no damage report was filed.

–Did you change the locks to prevent thieves?

A “Yes. As soon as I changed the locks on my house, the thieves got in. They couldn’t get in, so they broke the window and came in.”

–After you changed the locks, did the thieves come in again and take your belongings?

A “They did take something, something. I don’t know what it was because there was so much stuff.”

A: “Yes, I took something. I don’t know what it was because there was so much stuff.” This already doesn’t add up to his previous statement that he was fine after changing the locks.

–A “Before he died, Mr. Chiba had a lot of things in his home.

A “Before he died, Mr. Chiba was decluttering and giving away many things to B. I also received some clothes. I also received some clothes, and B received about 50 pieces. However, I kept the photos and other things that Mr. Chiba gave to Serious Tasuku and Atsushi Goh for when I eventually build a museum for him.”

–In other words, the costumes and photos displayed at the farewell party were given to you by Mr. Chiba before he died.

A “Yes. B gave them to me before he died.

–I heard that after Mr. Chiba’s death, Mr. B gave his belongings to the mourners.

A “I was in Covid-19, so I don’t know what happened then. But I heard that Juri and Mr. Suzuki came to his house and took some photo frames and other things with them.

–I also heard that two of the cars in your house are missing.

A: “They were leased, so I returned them.

–Why didn’t you give Juri a new set of keys?

A “I don’t give them to her. (A “I don’t. (My house) has been burglarized and things have gone missing. (I don’t want her to be responsible by giving her the key.”

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Mr. A admitted that he changed the locks and that he had no intention of handing over the keys to Juri, the heir, but he claimed that it was the thief who took the belongings and that the belongings displayed at the farewell party were given to Mr. B by Chiba before his death. He argued that Mr. Suzuki was the one who took the belongings. Mr. Suzuki was indignant.

I don’t care how you look at it. I didn’t take anything out of the house. First of all, the fact is that Seriousuku and Atsushi Goh have renounced their inheritance. Juri was prepared to give limited approval to the belongings of actor Shinichi Chiba in order to carry on her father’s legacy. It is impossible for Juri, the heir, to enter the home where Mr. Chiba’s belongings are located and A and B, strangers, are coming and going. They should not touch the belongings until Juri’s inheritance is over. You should ask Juri-san’s permission.”

FRIDAY published an interview with Chiba’s own sister, Masako, in last week’s issue. Ms. Masako testified that she had not heard from Mr. A at all and none of the Maeda family members were able to attend the cremation or the wake.

I did tell them. I told them, but they said, ‘I’m not going to the cremation.

But Mr. A denied it. Mr. Suzuki continued.

Mr. Suzuki continued, “A. has no hesitation in telling lies that a little research would reveal. I wonder how much courage it takes for an ordinary person to accuse someone by their real name. Even so, the fact that Chiba’s sister decided to report the incident by name is a sign of her anger towards A and his cronies. Serious Tasuku and Atsushi Goh should get away from them as soon as possible.

Once the inheritance is complete, the culprits who took the belongings will be exposed to the light of day and brought to justice.

A house in Kimitsu City, Chiba Prefecture. The locks were changed after a burglary last year,” said Mr. A., so Juri and other relatives could not enter.
Inside the house, in addition to photographs, there were costumes, scripts, props, and oil paintings that Chiba used in the filming of the movie.
The camouflage uniform that Chiba wore as the lead actor in the movie “Sengoku SDF,” commemorating the 20th anniversary of his career in the entertainment industry (all of the following items were on display at the farewell party)
Chiba was an expert 4th dan in Kyokushin Karate. Chiba was a fourth-degree Kyokushin Karate instructor and starred in a movie based on the book “Karate Baka Ichidai,” which depicts the life of President Oyama Baidatsu.
An imitation sword that was actually used in “Yagyu Abare Tabi,” which was broadcast on TV Asahi. Jubei Yagyu was a great actor.
Old JAC goods such as jerseys, patches, and acting textbooks. Also the video of “Ki Hunter” with Yoko Nogi!

From the February 25, 2022 issue of FRIDAY

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