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Hikaru’s big miscalculation! Apology for ‘furious rant’ against comedian may affect his TV career

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Hikaru, a YouTube star, posted a video of himself getting upset over being made fun of by a comedian. He released an apology video and tried to put out the fire, but…

He’s going to have to start all over again.

Hikaru, a popular YouTube star, criticized “mid-level comedian A” for swearing a lot and later apologized.

On February 4, on his YouTube channel, Hikaru confessed that he had shared a drink with A in the past and was dissed by him.

He said, “Anyway, he looked down on me. I thought I would have beaten him to a pulp. I’m going to make it very clear that you don’t have a single advantage over me. It only took me a couple of years to make the money that it took you 30 years to make, so don’t underestimate me!

He expressed his anger. According to Hikaru, X is

“He’s about 40 years old.
“I respect Downtown, but I’ve never seen them together.
“He’s a halfway decent performer, a little below the middle of the pack.
A few regulars and he could be gone.
“He says the right things, but the world doesn’t laugh.
“He’ll brag about how popular he is with girls.
“He’s very popular with the public.”
“He complains and whines about the judges of the M-1 Grand Prix, but I’ve never seen that comedian at M-1.”

I’ve never seen that comedian on M-1.

Then, the “search for the culprit” heated up on the Internet. On the 10th, Hikaru posted a message on his YouTube channel, “I was really immature.

It was really immature of me. I can only say that I was not very popular.

He apologized and said

I have a habit of making angry videos that go viral. To be honest, I was taking advantage of it, or maybe I was trying to take advantage of it.

He expressed his regret. A, who was in the middle of it, said

“Please don’t make it any bigger than it already is.

He also revealed that he had been told by A

I’ve made peace with the people involved and decided not to say anything about it.

I’ve settled with the parties involved and decided not to say anything about it.

However, questions still remain. There is no doubt that Hikaru’s revelation caused a stir among the public, but the comedian world took advantage of the commotion.

Ken’ichi Fujita of “Total Tembos” made a video in which he mentioned the names of several comedians who were suspicious of A.

Furthermore, Yuki Hirako of the comedy duo Arko & Peace said on TBS Radio on the 8th, “This is me.

This is me, right? On the contrary, there are fewer conditions that are not me. 90% of them are me. When I was drinking at some party, I thought Hikaru-san was actually there. In the multiverse, there’s a possibility that it could be Heiko.

On the 9th, “Saraba Seishun no Hikari” also participated in the commotion, and Morita Tetsuya asked the scandal-prone Tobu Kuro, “It’s definitely you! Morita asked. Higashi Bukuro said

Please let me apologize for making fun of Hikaru-san at the dinner. I’m really sorry. I was drinking a lot of alcohol at the time…that was Higashibukuro.

He apologized. It seems that the situation is not as serious as Hikaru says, but…

An executive from a medium-sized YouTube agency responded

In Hikaru’s videos, he rarely exposes or belittles the secrets of specific people. The reason why he did it this time is not only because he was angry, but also because he has another goal in mind.

He speculates. As far back as last month, Hikaru stated on his video channel that his goal for 2010 was to “enter the television industry. Hikaru said

I don’t want to be famous on TV, but I want to use TV as an advertisement. There are 100% of people who can only be reached by being on TV. I think it would be great to be active on TV, and if I do well, even if it’s only once a month, I think it would be a good idea.

I thought it would be a good idea,” he said, expressing his ambition. A former executive of the agency said

A former executive of the agency said, “When you enter the TV industry, you have to bring something back with you. When they thought about it, they could have had a confrontation with the middle-ranking comedian A and Hikaru to create a project. That way, when they appear on a variety show, they can use it as an introduction to their talk.

He pointed out. However, Hikaru’s revelation was quickly followed by the comedians’ “bad jokes. However, the comedians were quick to take offense at Hikaru’s revelations, and the comedians took all the good parts.

Hikaru’s goal is to enter the television industry, but this incident may have a subtle impact on him. I’m sure he’ll make a new move, but he’s a smart guy. I’m sure he’ll make another move.

Now that Hikaru has gracefully apologized for the incident, what will be his next move?

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