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Korean athletes express anger at Beijing Olympics: “The food is awful…! riot

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A chicken version of robot排骨飯 photographed by this magazine. It’s pretty tasty, but…

The Beijing Olympics are in full swing. Not only are we excited to see the results of the Japanese athletes, but the tears of frustration they shed and the hard work they have put in so far are heart-wrenching.

During the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo, one place in the athletes’ village became a hot topic. It was the cafeteria. At that time, the cafeteria in the athletes’ village was buffet-style, and Arika Schmidt, the too-beautiful German track and field athlete, was the talk of the town when she posted Japanese food such as “rice balls, tempura, and okonomiyaki” on Instagram, praising the food as “delicate.

What about in Beijing? According to reports, the cafeterias set up in the athletes’ villages at the three venues operate 24 hours a day, and each venue has a menu of more than 600 different kinds of food, including Western, pasta, Chinese, and Asian food, including Japanese. The cafeteria at the media center is operated by robots. The cafeteria at the media center, by the way, is said to be prepared and served by robots.

However, CNN reported that “athletes and officials are complaining about the food. The article noted that there were a series of posts on social media complaining about the “poor quality” and “lack of healthy menu” of the food served in the cafeteria at the main media center. Incidentally, a Los Angeles Times reporter also posted on social media about the “poor food” and expressed his disappointment.

There was also an outburst of dissatisfaction from the Korean team at the athletes’ village cafeteria. Korea’s Chosun Ilbo reported, “The food at the athletes’ village cafeteria is not that good. I even felt like going home when I saw the menu,” and “There was so much oil that I couldn’t digest it.

The Olympics brings together the best from around the world. It would be impossible for the athletes to be 100% satisfied with the food, but I might want to try some of the dishes that have been criticized so much…!

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