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Eri Fukatsu, Joe Odagiri… Photos of the overwhelming aura of the actors in “Kamukamu evuribadi”

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A date under the same umbrella with her boyfriend, Haruhisa Shirayama, taken in July 2006.
With Takuya Kimura at the location of the drama “CHANGE” in April 2008.

The NHK TV series “Kamukamu evuribadi” continues to gain momentum, with the 63rd episode aired on January 31 recording the highest viewer rating of 18.6% (according to Video Research). The story of three generations of grandmothers, mothers, and daughters who have lived through the Showa era, the Heisei era, and the 2040s with radio English classes has become a hit.

Eri Fukatsu (49), who plays the current heroine Rui Otsuki, is probably the driving force behind the popularity of the show. Initially, there were some concerns about her role as a 17- to 18-year-old who is more than 30 years away from her real age, but Fukatsu played the role beautifully.

Although she has never played baseball before, she showed perfect pitching form in the catching scene, and her reputation as an actress is on the rise. It is hard to believe that this is her first appearance in a serial drama in 13 years. It’s hard to believe that this is her first appearance in a drama series in 13 years.

Joe is the best!

The supporting actors are also excellent. Rui’s husband, Joichiro Otsuki, is played by Joe Odagiri (45).

The most talked about episode was the 53rd episode aired on January 17th. Joichiro decides to participate in a contest to determine the best trumpeter in Kansai. On the day of the contest, Rui is about to close the dry cleaning store where he works in order to watch the show. Just as she is about to close the dry-cleaning shop she works at, she sees Joichiro banging on the door in a panic. His costume and hairstyle are perfect. However, when Rui looks at his shirt, she sees ketchup sticky on his chest …….

Apparently, he ate a hot dog while wearing his stage costume and spilled ketchup all over it. Viewers praised Mr. Odagiri’s troubled performance. The Internet was filled with comments like, “Joe is so cute ……” and “Joe’s troubled face is the best! (same as above).

Ichikawa Mikako (43) plays the role of Berry, or Noda Kazuko, who is a good advisor to Rui.

She is an actress with an unusual background, having worked as a fashion model in the 1990s and then coming to prominence as an actress, mainly in films, in the 2000s. She is very expressive and plays the role of a strong and confident woman who contrasts well with Rui, who is reserved and quiet. She also appears in the Sunday drama “DCU” (TBS), so you can enjoy Ichikawa’s acting both in the morning and at night.

On February 10th, Rina Kawase (26), who plays the third heroine, Hinata Otsuki (Rui’s daughter), will finally appear. The story enters its climax.

Odagiri poses for a photo with actress Miki Nakatani at the Tokyo International Film Festival in October 2003 (Image: Afro)
Ichikawa plays the role of the protagonist’s advisor, photographed in December 2012.
Kawase, who will appear as the third heroine from February 10, 2012.
At the launch of “Saiyuki” (Fuji TV), a monthly 9 drama series.
Shopping at a convenience store in Tokyo, photographed in March 2004.
With her boyfriend Shirayama at a yakitori restaurant.
On the set of “CHANGE” (Fuji TV), a monthly 9 drama series, in April 2008.
On the set of the Fuji TV drama “CHANGE” (April 2008)
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