Announcer Miyu Iketani of TV TOKYO: “Relieve Stress with Yakiniku! Christmas Eve | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Announcer Miyu Iketani of TV TOKYO: “Relieve Stress with Yakiniku! Christmas Eve

The next ace candidate, who is very active in "Yogiji Days" and "Nikkei News Plus 9", drank until morning on Christmas Eve. ......

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In Kamiyacho (Minato-ku), Tokyo, on Christmas Eve, there was a beautiful woman in a gray duffle coat. It was TV Tokyo’s Miyu Iketani (25). She was returning from a live broadcast of “Yojigoji Days,” which she facilitates.

Iketani had been singing until 5 in the morning. She looked tired, but she had a smile on her face. Her personal life seems to be surprisingly flamboyant.

She is well known for her attentiveness to the staff on the set. She has a strong temperament and speaks her mind clearly, which makes her suitable for information programs,” said a production company employee.

After taking the subway, Iketani went to a hair salon and a general store to get her hair done and buy some earrings. It looked like a Christmas date! But she ended up at a yakiniku (grilled meat) restaurant in Shin-Okubo (Shinjuku Ward). There, she met up with two men and a woman who seemed to be acquaintances. Iketani was in a good mood from start to finish, but until recently she had been confiding in her colleagues about her problems at work.

When she first joined the company, she was known as the “Class of ’19,” along with her classmates Hitomi Tanaka (25) and Kasumi Mori (26), but in 2008, she made fun of her senior analyst Reina Sumi (31). However, in 2008, her stock dropped after the audio of her making fun of her senior analyst, Reina Sumi (31), was leaked. I remember her saying, “I’m the only one in my class who doesn’t have a regular variety show. Last October, she was chosen to be the MC of “Dremamer Z,” a variety show about auditioning for dreams, and since then she has been active as if she had gotten over it.

Iketani, who has been very active, must have had a night where she wanted to get loose once in a while.

After leaving the restaurant, Iketani went home. The atmosphere was like a reunion.
Miyu Iketani’s night of fun
The night of the reunion

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