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Yume, the post-Naomi Watanabe, reveals the process of making “Si Ka Go

A direct interview with Yume, a post-Naomi Watanabe comedian, who won the "Funko-so", a gateway to success for comedians, with her unique musical gags!

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I never dreamed that I would win. I really can’t believe it. I really can’t believe it. It’s ‘Masaka’ (laughs).”

The popular “New Year’s Interesting Show” of “Guru Nanty Nine” (Nippon Television Network Corporation) has so far produced successful comedians such as “Buruzon Chiemi,” “Peco Pa,” and “Lalande. This year’s champion of this event, which is called the gateway to success for young comedians, is the pin comedian Yume (28). Immediately after the show aired, she became a hot topic of conversation with her “Chicago Girl” act, in which she blurted out “Si ka go” to the tune of a musical, and she looks back on the 10 years leading up to her victory.

YUME-chan, 28: She started her career in comedy after graduating from high school, longing for “Untouchable. She now works as a pin-up and also performs in musicals.

To be honest, I still think it was a mistake. To be honest, I still wonder if it was a mistake. “The Chicago girl” was a story I wrote about a year ago, and I hadn’t been able to brush it up since I couldn’t get the audience to see it as much as I wanted to at the Covid-19 disaster. I didn’t get any response from the audition for ‘Funko-so,’ so I was surprised that I even made it to the show.

The person who inspired me to become a comedian was Naomi Watanabe (34), a senior comedian.

When I was in high school, Naomi Watanabe had her breakthrough. Because of our similarities in appearance, my classmates asked me to imitate her, and I did an imitation of Mirei Shiratori, a character in “Picaru’s Theorem. However, as far as comedy goes, I prefer manzai to comedy. In particular, I loved the blabbering style of “Untouchable,” so I enrolled in the Jinchuriki-sha training school instead of Yoshimoto.

However, as soon as I entered the school, I was told by the instructor, “You’re not suited for manzai. Or rather, it’s not like the Jinkisha.

At the time of his debut, he formed a duo called “Denki Stand” with a female comedian of the same age, wearing flashy make-up and doing a comedy show in gal-speak. However, the duo never saw the light of day and broke up in May 2004, five years after their formation. I almost lost my mind,” he says.

After that, I became a pianist, and I’ve been doing musical-style stories ever since. I was influenced by Tokyo Disneyland, which I visited nearly 100 times a year at most. However, there was a long period of time when it was not popular. I had to do all the live performances and storytelling by myself, and the quality of my work went down ……. I was in despair. Every day I was scared that I might get fired.

The turning point for me was the advice from a senior colleague, who inspired me to come up with the idea of “Chicago Girl.

When I competed in the R-1 Grand Prix last year, I asked my senior at the office for advice on a story, and he said, ‘You can’t have a pop look and a pop story. Why don’t you make it sexy? Why don’t you make it sexy? The first sexy musical that came to my mind was “Chicago”. I tried to make the dance in the story as sexy as possible and practiced hard, referring to the choreography of “TWICE”.

However, perhaps because I put too much effort into the dance rather than the story, I was eliminated in the second round of last year’s “R-1” (laughs). Even so, I had a lot of fun doing it and felt that I was able to establish a new character. In addition to making up stories, at the live performances hosted by the agency, I became clear about what I should do and lost my hesitation, which probably helped me to become more popular.

When I reported to my parents that I had won the “Funko-so” competition, my mother, who had always told me to hurry up and quit because it was boring, cried with joy. I guess she was really worried about me. I’m really glad that I was able to reassure her.

Finally, when I asked him about his dreams for the future, he replied with his grand ambitions.

My goal is to enter the world! My dream is to become an entertainer like Naomi Watanabe, go to the U.S., and one day be on the Broadway stage. But my immediate goal is to quit my part-time job as a tele-apostle and curry salesman and become able to eat only comedy. I’ll try my best to get out of my parents’ house so that I can do ‘Jiritsu’ (laugh).”

Yume’s comedy show has just started. Her comedy show has just started, but will it be a year of “Hiya-ku”?

I love musicals, both watching and participating in them. I even made it to the second round of auditions for Les Miserables.
Unpublished cut of Yume’s story: 10 years of a Disney-loving girl’s journey to becoming the “post-Naomi Watanabe
Unpublished photo of Yume, a Disney-loving girl who became the “post Naomi Watanabe” for 10 years
Unpublished photo of Yume, the Disney-loving girl who became the “Post Naomi Watanabe” for 10 years
Unpublished photo of Yume, the Disney-loving girl who became the “Post Naomi Watanabe” for 10 years
The 10 years until Yume, a Disney-loving girl, became the “post Naomi Watanabe”.

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