Cocomi’s “series of unusual answers about her family on Instagram” astonishes fans! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Cocomi’s “series of unusual answers about her family on Instagram” astonishes fans!

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Cocomi makes a series of posts that show her love for her family

Flutist and model Cocomi, the eldest daughter of national idols Takuya Kimura and Shizuka Kudo, has been getting a lot of attention for her answers to her followers’ questions on social media.

Cocomi used Instagram’s story function to answer the questions. First of all, she asked, “Draw a picture of your life in music school! Cocomi created a three-frame comic. In a cute picture, she expressed the fact that college assignments become a “crisis” only three days before they are due.

The next question was, “How would you compare your father and mother to animals? My mother, Kudo, chose “orca” and my father, Kimura, chose “eagle. His mother, Kudo, chose “orca,” and his father, Kimura, chose “eagle.” By the way, he chose “skinny owl with shaggy hair. When asked if he could compare his family to musical instruments, his mother said violin and his father said classical guitar.

The question that drew the most attention was “compare them to the characters in Oniketsu. He chose Kimura, his father, as the sound pillar Uzui Tengen (a flamboyant looking character) and Tamayo, his mother, as a female doctor who cooperates with the demon killing squad, as Kudo. Incidentally, his younger sister Koki is …… a sword smith wearing a hitchhiker’s mask, Koutetsuka. Why a hitchhiker? And she herself is the heroine, Priestess Kamon. Isn’t that kind of sly (laughs)?

The Kimura family is always posting about their close friendship on their social networking site, and fans can’t get enough of the warm and fuzzy feeling. This question corner was also full of family love. We can’t take our eyes off her any more. ……!

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