Yukina Kinoshita may withdraw from YouTube due to disgust with “YouTube full of antis”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Yukina Kinoshita may withdraw from YouTube due to disgust with “YouTube full of antis”.

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Yukina Kinoshita is very popular on Instagram. However, her YouTube videos have been slower than expected…

What happened to her?

Yukina Kinoshita, who announced her return to show business, has not updated her YouTube page, which she started in October last year.

Speaking of Kinoshita, she posted a tearful apology video on YouTube after she was ordered to pay 400,000 yen to the plaintiff in the so-called “tapioca scandal”. Since then, he had been regularly posting videos in various styles through trial and error, but he hasn’t updated his videos since December 24, when he posted a video titled “It’s Christmas, so I ate Kentucky! I ate Kentucky because it’s Christmas!

She has about 48,000 followers on YouTube. On the other hand, she has about 530,000 followers on Instagram. More to the point, Kinoshita had over 5.3 million followers on her Instagram account, which was managed by her former agency. Compared to that, YouTube only has less than 1/100th of the number of registered users.

Even if her image was damaged by the tapioca fiasco, it may have been a miscalculation on her part to not be able to attract as many subscribers as she did.

Nevertheless, there are many celebrities who make money from YouTube. The martial artist Mirai Asakura has revealed that she earns 70 million a month from YouTube alone.

And Nakayamakinni-kun, who recently left Yoshimoto Kogyo, has a YouTube channel that specializes in fitness, and is said to be earning around 70 million yen a year. With this kind of income, he will be able to make a good living even if he leaves Yoshimoto.

Mr. Kinoshita doesn’t have any special weapon. He made his debut as a silly ex-yankee character, but he was teased by Shimada Shinsuke and other bigwigs and was able to make the most of it. In his videos, he tried various things, such as specializing in fashion and joking around with plastic wrapped around his face, but his views did not increase much despite his trial and error.

The only videos that grow are the ones that talk about the tapioca fiasco and anti-criticism. In this situation, I would have to live as an “anti-stirring trick” like the boy revolutionary Yutabon. Maybe she realized that and got fed up with it.

Although Kinoshita doesn’t update YouTube, she frequently posts on Instagram. She doesn’t update YouTube, but she posts frequently on Instagram. However, that doesn’t seem to be the only reason.

As you can clearly see from the comments section, YouTube has an overwhelming number of anti-comments. Most of the comment boxes are filled with anti-comments.

On the other hand, Instagram is much safer, and most of the comments are from fans. Mentally, I think people want to use Instagram as their own place. (IT journalist) “It’s tastier to accept projects from companies and advertise them on Instagram, because YouTube requires editing and is not worth the effort.

(IT journalist) Nowadays, YouTube is not necessarily a success just because it is well known. (IT journalist) Nowadays, just because you are famous doesn’t mean you will be successful on YouTube. Junichi Ishida, who was burned in the past for drinking at the Covid-19 disaster, has stopped updating his Instagram after posting it five months ago.

Kinoshita’s smelly posts on Instagram with her boyfriend, J-league player Hidetoshi Miyuki, are also a frequent topic of conversation. If she were to get married again, she might be able to get more attention and views by announcing it on YouTube…

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