Gen Hoshino & Aragaki, Eiko Kano, Ryuhei Matsuda… “Goal-in Couples of Reiwa era” | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Gen Hoshino & Aragaki, Eiko Kano, Ryuhei Matsuda… “Goal-in Couples of Reiwa era”

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Eiko Kano (39) ♥ General female, married on June 15, 2009

This year marks the fourth year of marriage in Japan. A number of “couples representing the times” have already been born, but there are also a few couples that this magazine has been photographing in good spirits even before they became husband and wife. We take a look back at their happy moments and behind-the-scenes moments, featuring their treasured photos…!

Minamoto Hoshino (40) ♥ Yui Aragaki (33) (married on May 19, 2009)

Gen Hoshino(40) ♥ Yui Aragaki(33) (Married on May 19, 2009)

The couple who played a contract couple in the popular drama “Run away is shameful but useful” (TBS), which caused a social phenomenon, became a real couple. There were no reports of a relationship, and the sudden announcement caused “Gacky loss” throughout Japan!

Eiko Kano (39) ♥ General woman (married on June 15, 2009)

In June 2009, he and his new wife, Saki, were photographed at the ward office in the middle of the night, submitting their marriage certificate! They had radiant expressions on their faces the whole time. It was a big day, one of only two or three in a year.

After submitting their marriage certificate, Kano and Saki went back to their home. They met through an introduction by a senior comedian, and they had been thinking about marriage since the beginning of their relationship.

Tomomi Hanahara (47) ♥ President of an event company (married on August 17, 2009)

Tomomi Hanahara (47) ♥ President of an event company, married on August 17, 2009

On August 17, 2009, her birthday, Tomomi married Mr. A, the president of an event company and the manager of Hanahara. The photo shows the three of them shopping together with their son a month before the announcement. The family was already happy.

Hanahara and Mr. A are walking back to their apartment with smiles on their faces. She says that her son’s affection for him was one of the reasons she decided to marry him.

Ryuhei Matsuda (38) ♥ Maala Morgan (24) (married on October 20, 2009)

Ryuhei Matsuda (38) ♥ Maala Morgan (24) (married October 20, ’21)

Matsuda and Morgan announced their “double congratulations” of marriage and pregnancy on October 20, ’21. Six months before that, they were in full aura as they enjoyed a broad daylight driving date in a unique fashion.

They stopped at a gas station during their date, and overcame their 14-year age difference and differences to become husband and wife.
From the February 4, 2022 issue of FRIDAY

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