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First photos of passionate relationship with French female jockey ‘agent husband’

Celebrating marriage Mickaëlle Michel, 26, scores a goal with a man 22 years older than her.

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On the 6th, Michelle posted two shots on Instagram. Michelle smiles happily as she is carried in a princess hug.

On January 6, jockey Michael Michel, 26, known as the “French jockey,” celebrated his first wedding anniversary. On January 6, Michel, 26, a jockey known as “the French jockey,” announced on his SNS that he had celebrated his first wedding anniversary. His partner is Frédéric Spagne (48), a former jockey who works as Michel’s agent. Michelle’s partner is Frederic Spagne (48), a former jockey who is her agent, and he is 22 years older than her.

Michel came to Japan for the first time in 2007 and won his first JRA race at the World All Star Jockeys in Sapporo in August. In ’20, he rode for three months in the South Kanto region of Japan and won 30 races. He has been eager to ride for JRA since then, but due to the effects of Covid-19, he was unable to come to Japan after the spring of ’20, and is currently staying in his home country.

Michel, who started his career as a jockey in France in ’14, revealed to this magazine how he got to know Mr. Spagne.

He is a famous jockey and I knew him before I met him. I met him in June 2005 when a friend introduced us. So I told him that I would be riding in a race at Chantilly Racecourse in France in two days. After the race, he called me to tell me, a very inexperienced rider, that he was very impressed with my decision-making skills during the race. He offered to be my coach and agent. We started working together, and I immediately fell in love.

Michelle is known to be a big fan of Japan, but there are still many barriers, such as the male-dominated Japanese horse racing industry and language. However, she still faces many barriers, such as the male-dominated Japanese racing industry and language.

I had no intention of hiding it.

Keiko Kyomoto, president of Michelle’s management company, Accel, told me.

“Mikael told me that he was working very hard as a jockey, but no one was paying attention to him. But he was the only one who believed in my potential and supported me. I owe him a lot,” she said.

It was no secret to those in the racing industry that the two were more than business partners. Michelle never hid their relationship, and after their engagement, she wore a ring on her left ring finger.’ When this magazine interviewed Michelle closely in March 2008, Mr. Spagne always accompanied her. In March 2008, when this magazine interviewed Michelle closely, Mr. Spagne accompanied her all the time, and at a restaurant in a shopping mall in Kawasaki, which they often visited together, they appeared friendly in front of this magazine’s camera.

Even when reporters asked her the same question several times in the interview, she didn’t show any displeasure and answered until the end. That’s the kind of personality she has. However, in her wedding report, she posted a picture of them kissing, didn’t she? I told her not to post it because the Japanese mentality is different from that of the French, and kissing is not allowed. …… Maybe he’s a natural,” said Kyomoto.

As a result of their open relationship, their marriage was reported a year later, but they had no intention of hiding it.

I was planning to come to Japan to race right after we got married. She wanted to have a wedding party in Japan, which she loves, and let everyone know, but she couldn’t come to Japan at the last minute. The reason why she made the announcement after one year of marriage was because she requested, ‘I feel like I’m lying to you all and it hurts my heart,'” said Kyomoto.

Michelle was seriously injured in a horse accident last December, including an open fracture of her left clavicle, and has spent her days in rehabilitation. I can’t wait for the day when she will once again bring excitement to the Japanese horse racing world.

When I interviewed her for this magazine in 2008, she “oohs and aahs” over a cake at a restaurant. They were already in a relationship and did not hide their relationship in front of the camera.
They made a peace sign in front of the cake plate. Michelle posed daintily for the photographer’s various requests.
Michelle tends to her racehorse, Planet Blue, after a training session at Yuya Yamazaki’s stables in Kawasaki. Her days in Japan were filled with horse racing.

From “FRIDAY” January 28, 2022 issue

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