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Two Difficult Problems in February” Await the Akishino Family

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As February approaches, tensions are rising within the Imperial Household Agency. This is because there are issues related to the Akishino family in terms of higher education and examinations,” said an Imperial Household journalist.

At the moment, the choice of Prince Eugene is attracting a lot of attention. First of all, “higher education” refers to his high school. The junior high school attached to Ochanomizu University, which he will attend, will become an all-girls school from high school, so he will have to go to an external school. At the moment, it is being discussed that he will go to Tsukuba University High School (Chikuzuke), one of the most advanced schools in Japan, through the “Affiliated School System,” and this is attracting a lot of attention from the public.

This system was introduced in 2017 by the University of Tsukuba and Ochanomizu University, and is said to be a temporary measure for five years. There is no academic test, and students can transfer to schools affiliated with both universities if they pass an interview and document screening.

Aside from the substance of the system, what is it that is attracting so much attention?

When the system was introduced in 2017, it was around the time when Princess Eugene was seriously considering going to junior high school. In addition, five years from now, this year will be the year when he will enter high school, and some people said that this system is for his sake…” (same as above)

In fact, this kind of comment had been made before. This was back in 2009, when it was announced that Princess Eugene would be enrolled in a kindergarten attached to Ochanomizu University. At that time, Princess Eugene was admitted to Ochanomizu University kindergarten without going through the general entrance exam, which has a ratio of more than 10 times. A source at the Imperial Household Agency explains how this happened.

At the time, Noriko was engaged in research on health issues in a dedicated laboratory at Ochanomizu University. Ochanomizu University has a system for female teachers and researchers to have their children enrolled in its affiliated schools, and this system was applied to the enrollment of Princess Eugene. Ochanomizu created this system only a year before His Highness was accepted, and he was the first to apply.

Those who object to the past case and the current case can only say, “Why should this be done at a national school, let alone a private one?

There are also rumors that he may be recommended to enter the University of Tokyo after entering Chikuzuke, and the Imperial Household Agency is wary that any doubts about this would not be good for His Majesty the future Emperor.

On the other hand, the other “examination” refers to Kei Komuro’s bar exam.

In the case of the July exam, people take the exam when they have just graduated from law school, whereas this time there are many people who take the exam while holding down a job, so the pass rate is about 20 points different. Since Mr. Komuro is also working at a law firm, there is a widespread view that the hurdle to passing the exam may be high.

In a press conference last year, Mako’s father, Prince Akishino, who is married to Kei, referred to Kei as “my daughter’s husband,” indicating a sense of distance between them.

Mako’s marriage has indeed separated her from the Akishino family, but I don’t think anyone in the world would take it that way. If he doesn’t pass the bar exam, Kei may be dismissed from his job. If this is the case, the ‘Komuro problem’ could flare up again, and the Imperial Household Agency seems to be struggling to come up with a solution.

The two exams are scheduled to be held in February, one for Princess Eugene and the other for Kei Komuro. Both exams, which are scheduled for February, are likely to be difficult for the Akishino family.

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