Daiki Sato and Umika Kawashima’s aura radiates from “freezing morning shooting | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Daiki Sato and Umika Kawashima’s aura radiates from “freezing morning shooting

News on the Scene FRIDAY Eyewitness! harikomi24 (gaienmae, 9:10 a.m.)

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Sato is filming a scene in which she walks along a street near Gaienmae while talking. This is his first starring role in a terrestrial drama, and we look forward to his future success.

One morning in mid-January, the weather turned cold. One morning in mid-January, I saw a man in a down jacket on the street near Gaienmae Station. He is Taiki Sato (26), a member of “EXILE/FANTASTICS” and also active as an actor. With him were Umika Kawashima (27), wearing a long beige coat, and Ai Mikami (21), a hot young actress.

They were filming for the drama “liar” (MBS/TBS), which is scheduled to start airing on February 15.

Sato plays an elite salaryman who cheats on his girlfriend with a subordinate in his company. Mikami plays the subordinate who continues to have a secret relationship with him, and the story progresses as the two viewpoints switch. Both Sato and Mikami are very enthusiastic about their first starring roles in a terrestrial drama.

It was so cold that heaters were placed under the feet, but the fresh actors’ enthusiastic performances filled the scene with enthusiasm.

From “FRIDAY” February 4, 2022 issue

  • Photography Shinji Sakamoto

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