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Why the New Medical Drama Can’t Be “Doctor X” Despite Minami Hamabe’s Strong Performance

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This is a photo taken in January 2007.

Despite the impossible settings and countless inconsistencies, Minami Hamabe ( 21 This is the impression I got from the Monday drama “Doctor White. This is the impression I got from the Monday drama “Doctor White” (Kansai Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd.).

The story is about a mysterious woman, Byakuya Yukimura (Minami Hamabe), who has lost her memory and meets a medical journalist, Masaki Karioka (Tasuku Emoto), and starts working in the hospital’s diagnostic team. The story is about how she uses her overwhelming medical knowledge to correct wrong diagnoses. Byakuya’s signature line is “That’s a wrong diagnosis,” which he delivers with various facial expressions each time. The drama has been unexpectedly (and rudely) well-received, with the innocent Byakuya’s puzzled face due to her memory loss and her desperately practiced “ni-ck” smile being too angelic to be true, and has maintained double-digit viewership ratings after two episodes.

Now that you’ve heard about the unbelievable setting of the medical drama and the decisive lines, you may remember one of the dramas. That’s right, Ryoko Yonekura ( 46 (46) starring in “Doctor X X ~(TV Asahi), starring Yonekura Ryoko (46). In this show, too, many lives are saved under the improbable setting of a freelance doctor who never fails. And, as I expected, there is a decisive line that is delivered every time. Everyone knows it, “I never fail.

Medical dramas can continue to be produced indefinitely, as long as the diseases covered and the patients’ lives are changed. If “Doctor White” continues to be well-received, there will be no doubt that “Doctor X X If “Doctor White” continues to be well received, it is not impossible that it will become a series like “Doctor X”.

Two Walls to Overcome

So, is “Doctor White” the second “Doctor X”? X”? Can it become the second “Doctor X”? I interviewed people who are familiar with the drama to find out the differences between the two dramas, and it became clear that there are still many obstacles for “Doctor White” to overcome.

One of the reasons for this is the quality of the medical story.

One reason is the quality of the medical story. X The main theme of “Dr. X” is to successfully perform a difficult surgery, so the improbability can be overlooked. However, “Doctor White” is a story about pointing out misdiagnosis, so it needs to be interesting. The true disease that White Night sees through is vitamin B12 deficiency and economy syndrome. and so on. For those who like to read about medical things, this is a good place to start. …… I don’t know. There are a lot of things that make medical buffs think, “What, that disease is misdiagnosed ?

In addition, they try to make everything into a surgical operation, which gives the impression that they take the audience’s medical knowledge lightly. If we don’t pursue a little more precision in the story, even with Hamabe’s and Emoto’s good performances, we will eventually grow tired of it.

In fact, there are some people on the Internet who say, “Working all night and almost dying of economy class syndrome is a very forced development. …… In fact, some people on the Internet have said, “It’s a very forced turn of events that you’re dying of economy class syndrome after working all night. CT The other barrier is that the story is surprisingly unrealistic.

Another obstacle, he pointed out, was the unexpected weakness of Hamabe.

He pointed out that another obstacle is the weakness of Hamabe: “Doctor White… Twitter “Dr. White” is attracting a lot of attention from people who are strong in the Internet, such as those who are trending on Twitter. This suggests that the main audience for the drama is relatively young people who are good at using the Internet, and also fans of the lead actress Hamabe.

On the other hand, “Doctor X On the other hand, “Dr. X” is weak in terms of buzz on the Internet, but its viewer ratings are outstandingly high. This is a sign that many elderly people who are not Internet-savvy are watching it. Even if “Dr. White” can be pushed aside by Hamabe’s charm, it will be difficult for the future. 13 ~13 ~ 15 I would like to see a viewership of 13-15 I would like to see a viewer rating of 13-15% in the future. However, Hamabe, the one I’m counting on NHK She has not appeared in any of the major TV dramas or morning dramas ( I would like to see a 15% rating. She has not appeared in any NHK TV drama or morning drama (she only appeared in three episodes of “Mare” in 2003). (She only appeared in three episodes of “Mare” in 2003.) Since she is not well known among the older generation, there is a high possibility that this will be a stumbling block and viewership will be sluggish.

Nevertheless, there are many positive comments about Hamabe’s leading role, such as “the image of Byakuya in the original story fits perfectly” and “the drama is a mixture of seriousness and comedy, making the best use of the comedienne Hamabe. Depending on future improvements, it may be enough to make the Japanese version of Doctor X There is still a possibility that it will become the Japanese version of Doctor X.

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