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The dangers of office independence for Masahiro Higashide, who has yet to become a star

Entertainment reporter Toshio Ishikawa's "Behind the scenes of that event: ......"

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Masahiro Higashide got divorced after his affair with Erika Karada. It is said that his silence at the press conference made Anne decide to divorce him…

Entertainment Reporter Toshio Ishikawa’s “Behind the Scenes of That Event: ……

Actor Masahiro Higashide is leaving the agency he has been working with for a long time.

He told those around him.

“I’m going independent!

But the truth is that he was forced to take responsibility for his repeated problems with women, including his infidelity.

He came to prominence when he appeared in the NHK TV series “Gochisou-san” and became friends with his co-star, actress Anne, and got married. It was thought that his acting career would be on track with smooth sailing, but it was discovered that he had been having an affair with his co-star Erika Karada while his wife was pregnant for the second time.

Mr. Higashide held a press conference.

He apologized, saying, “In my work and in my personal life, I have been conceited, proud, and so on.

She apologized.

Do you like Anne? Do you like Anne or Karada?

After a long silence, she replied.

After a long silence, he replied, “I can’t answer that question because of my partner and because it would hurt my wife to tell you what’s on my mind here.

So I can’t answer. According to a source close to Anzu, this answer made up her mind and led to the divorce.

The person he had to take into consideration the most was Anzu.

It was a spur of the moment thing. I’m sorry to my wife.

If he had said, “I’m sorry to my wife,” some people involved in the drama said that the divorce could have been avoided. These words were so strong that the couple ended up getting divorced, but the office decided to continue supporting him.

However, the office’s attitude changed drastically.

Last October, he invited a half-breed beauty in her late twenties to stay with him for three nights in a row at a location for an unannounced movie. He was single, so he could have had a girlfriend, but the timing was too bad.

He has a reputation as a co-star killer, but he has only been divorced for a year. His thoughts on women were now being questioned. When interviewed, the office said

I checked with him about the whole thing, and it seems to be all true. If everything that happened at the location is true, we have to say that it is a very unwise action considering Higashide’s current situation. I will consider how to deal with it in the future.

This anger led to his dismissal. I wonder if there is a big difference between what he says “I’m independent! is probably a big difference.

But I guess what he has in his mind is the idea that he is the one who is getting the movie and TV offers. But even those jobs are nothing but the desperate efforts of his office to get him work after Anzu’s divorce.

It’s hard to find work when you’ve left the agency and don’t have a manager.

And, the biggest thing is the reality that the repercussions of the sale will be just as big a drop.

Mr. Higashide, who was not yet a household name, was chosen for NHK’s “Morning Drama” and married to a popular actress, Anne. Suddenly, she was a star. But he is not a big star yet.

Ken Watanabe, Beat Takeshi, and Akashiya Samma are at a higher stage of their careers. That’s why their fans follow them even when their problems with women, infidelity, divorce, etc. come out in the weekly magazines and on TV.

Ken Watabe of Anjash, who was involved in a scandal involving a multi-purpose toilet, must have been a popular person, but I guess he hadn’t become big enough as a celebrity to shake off the scandal meter.

He started out as a comedian and became well versed not only in the world of comedy but also in gourmet food and high school baseball. Even though he had a beautiful wife, Nozomi Sasaki, he was not able to become a star. He seemed to have “joined the ranks of the stars,” but the scandal put him back in the same position. Or maybe even less than that.

If that happens, it is difficult to crawl back up in the entertainment industry. Mr. Higashide seems to be getting a steady stream of work this year, but I don’t think it’s entirely clear how long the job offers will last…

  • Interview: Text Toshio Ishikawa (Entertainment Reporter)

    Born in Tokyo in 1946. Born in Tokyo in 1946, he has a unique career path, having worked in the advertising department of Shochiku, as a reporter for women's magazines, and then as an entertainment reporter. He is currently a regular contributor to "Mentai Wide" (Fukuoka Broadcasting System), "Sumadan" (Yomiuri Television), and Rainbow Town FM.

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